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It’s necessary! Take a Break

Bored of your monotonous routine?

Bored of your monotonous routine?:- Yes, school is getting a bit too much, college is killing you with the work load, office hours are just not comfortable anymore and family chores are just making you frustrated. You are constantly troubled with sleep deprivation and the pile of pending work is just building up.

What do you do in such a situation? Running on caffeine and four hours sleep is a very short term solution. So, just take a break.

Take a break from all the work you have to do. Take a break from all that you have been doing. Here is what you can do instead.

∙ Meditate: It has magical powers. Sit in a quiet room, light a scented candle, play some meditational music and just sit. Focus on your breathing and try and become oblivious to everything around you.

Go out alone and treat yourself to the most lavish dinner with dessert in the end. For once, do not look at the prices of the dish.

∙ Shop: Shopping for many works as a therapy, so what are you waiting for?

Bored of your monotonous routine?
Take a Break

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∙ Indulge in some child play: Go to a nearby park, sit on the swing and observe the things around you.

Watch a new series or re-watch the old ones.

Force yourself to do exercise or do some yoga

Join a book reading club or poetry club where you get to meet people with same interests as yours

∙ Write or Draw- Engage in any form of creative actions to give your mind a break

∙ Get fresh air: Go jogging or just sit out in the garden or balcony with nothing but yourself and your own thoughts.

∙ Cry: Yes. Crying is a form of catharsis. Let out all your pent up feelings and you will definitely feel lighter.

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Harshita Bajaj

Harshita has a background in Psychology and Criminology and is currently pursuing her PhD in Criminology. She can be found reading crime thrillers (or any other book for that matter) or binge-watching shows on Netflix when she is not in hibernation.
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