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Let your inner light shine bright

“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom and radiate love.”-Wilfred Peterson

There is nothing more devastating than to cuddle up in a bundled at midnight, lost and a heart broken into millions of small pieces. At that point in time, you hope that someone will help you, but again, you have no idea how. Here is how to let your inner light shine bright?

The kind of life we are leading today, very commonly leads to midlife crisis-a transition in identity and self-confidence, with its onset in the early 40s.  The most common causes behind this may be multiple- anxiety, fear, competition, self-criticism and over ambition. The causes may seem scary, but the solution is too simple- Self-love and freedom of expression.

Your Shine lies Within:

The most important step before treading on the path of hope and glory is that never let anyone belittle you, and tell you that you are a failure and non-achiever. None of them traveled on the path you traveled and hence are not aware of your strengths. We are our best judge and hence losing hope onto something is never an option for us, for we are the fighters. Everyone has their own struggles and their own fights, which make them different and unique, and that is the beauty of life.

Acceptance is the key

To shine your light, you need to first learn to accept yourself as an individual and love yourself. Self-love is nothing but awareness about self, kindness, and respect for oneself. It is often observed that we are too self-critical when we weigh ourselves on the balance of success and achievements. Is it so hard to love ourselves? Not really. All that matters is learning to love yourself. For that, we need to unlearn our habits of clinging to our vices and criticality for self. Loving self under every condition always results in greater life satisfaction. When we hold high self-esteem and appreciate for every small or big achievement in life, we tend to have more enjoyment and more positive attitude towards the future. This, in turn, makes us more confident in expressing ourselves, our beliefs and thinking.

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Express yourself

As a matter of fact, we often believe that expressing self is a symbol of aggressiveness, vulnerability, and weakness. It’s not necessary to always mask your feelings, beliefs or ideas for being accepted. And there is exactly no harm by going against the expectations while expressing self. It’s a matter of great strength to be forthright about your ideas and emotions and not hiding them. This often surprises people around you, and also helps in establishing more meaningful and intimate relations with them and yourself.


In the end, it can be said that it all begins and end in our minds. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow. Keep telling yourself that you are deserving, powerful, kind, compassionate, important, free, loving, strong, creative, inspiring and truthful to self and for other until you start realizing the same for yourself.

“No matter the darkness around you, shine your light. Even if you are the only thing shining for miles”-Tyler Knott

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