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One World News create stories, videos and social media content about the things that matter to the people.  We talk about everything from News, fashion, and beauty to weddings and work. We are creating a community where people can feel connected.

If you enthusiastic about writing and have any unique idea, come be a part of One World News. Write informative, innovative stories and get your article published on our website.

Why you should contribute to our website?

  1. You will get a byline
  2. High authority backlinks
  3. Great traffic on every post
  4. It will make your profile strong. Also, it will contribute to the growth of your brand

Note: Every submission will go under review and if it meets our guidelines, then only it will get published.

How to write: Guidelines

  • Length of the article – 300 – 800 words
  • Post titles: Initial caps, No over 70 Characters long, Relevant Images.
  • Use subheads such as H1, H2, and H3
  • Write correct keywords
  • Picture courtesy is important

What kind of content do we accept?

We accept content related to politics (It should be objective), social, lifestyle, beauty, health, education technology,  travel, and food.

Where to submit your article?

You can send your write-ups @ info@oneworldnews.com

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