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Summer Saviors: 5 Refreshing Amla Recipes for Weight Loss and Immune Boosting”

Amla recipes for weight loss in summer will be able to maintain the natural coolness of the body, something that helps to avoid heat stroke or other summer diseases.

5 refreshing ways to have Amla in summer for weight loss and immunity

Among all the fruits, amla is ranked the top most fruit by far with regards to its medicinal properties healing diseases like common cold and indigestion. This food is one that has a high fiber, vitamins and antioxidants amount that can offer a wide range of health benefits that start from lowering cholesterol to improving eye health to supporting weight loss. What is the best, is that an amla in summer will be able to maintain the natural coolness of the body, something that helps to avoid heat stroke or other summer diseases. Here are some Amla Recipes for weight loss-

Amla chia juice:

In summers along with merciless heatwave which tries to dehydrate your body, having fibre in food is much more critical. Soak chia seeds in amla juice for one hour, so that they can soften. Chia seeds make you feel satiated and rich in fibers. This is the best summer drink.

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Smoothie with amla:

Try out amla in your morning glass of smoothie for a flavor-intense and nutrition-packed breakfast. Mix up yogurt, banana, spinach, and Amla and you end up with a creamy and clean tasting smoothie. Spinach being the source of bone tissue formation due to iron, metabolism may spur.

Amla popsicles:

Let the mid-summer mood take that craving for ice-cream, sorbets and all things frozen. Instead of finding store packed popsicles with sugar in them, you can also make it at home with natural ingredients that you have available.Instead of feeling guilty simply for creating a frozen goodie, try freezing amla juice along with pieces of fruit. It is unparalleled for keeping really cool and quenching our thirst.

Amla salad

Summer is the time of salads that are refreshing and can maintain optimum hydration throughout. To make amala salad, mix amla (chopped), cucumber, apple and anar (pomegranate seeds). Salad has vitamins from a variety of sources and some is a source of bioflavonoids that have antioxidant properties lending itself well to hydration.

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Amla-infused water:

In fact, gut health problems are commonplace in hot summers. People usually suffer from digestion, constipation, and diarrhea. The Amla really works well to detox the system deeply! If you want to try an infused water beverage, make Aquafaba by adding sliced amla, cucumber, and mint. It increases metabolic rate, as well as helps in the expelling of toxins from the body.

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