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Fenugreek Marvels: 6 Exceptional Benefits for Women, from Managing PCOS to Breastfeeding Support”

Fenugreek is not only used as a condiment in food preparations but also to control PCOS, and helps in breastfeeding as well.

6 Exceptional Benefits Of Fenugreek For Women; Managing PCOS To Breastfeeding

Fenugreek is a seed which belongs to the group of non-toxic though it is commonly used for food preparation and as a medicinal extract in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines as well as a main ingredient in food preparation in India and China. A lot of women who breastfeed use it as a galactagogue – this means that they hope the plant or herb will help them to make more milk. Fenugreek is not only used as a condiment in food preparations but also as a tea or supplement. Here are benefits of fenugreek for women-

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Does fenugreek increase breast milk production?

There are no high quality studies on fenugreek supplementation for breastfeeding mums, and the findings of these studies are diverse. There seems to be twofold evidence that the fenugreek-prodrugs slightly cause an increase in the milk production, particularly when used in the first two weeks after birth. Consequently, the research found that other herbs, as well as prescribed drugs have a higher supply of milk than fenugreek supplements which have been found wanting in this regard.

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If fenugreek does stimulate milk supply, psychologists postulate that more of the mechanism than the physiological component causes this effect. In other terms, fenugreek has that required impact because you are sure that it will work. It could as well boost the levels of insulin and oxytocin hormones – these two hormones are important for milk production in moms.

How do Fenugreek seeds help in PCOS?

Fenugreek is a potential candidate for the care of health problems, due to its rational supplements. Fenugreek has become a popular supplement among diabetics because of the role it plays in diabetes prevention and control.The seeds help with the glucose problem and also improve the insulin resistance, which is the chief arrow relating to PCOS. Additionally, it can be beneficial by lessening high cholesterol levels, supporting the process of weight loss as well as helping to enhance cardiovascular health. In PCOS people, after taking fenugreek for about eight weeks, these people have their insulin sensitivity improved and lower glycemic levels even when they have higher levels of weight. Also, it was found to be hormone-regulating, leading in facilitation of the treatment process.

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