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3 Subtle ways to tell your boss that ‘It wasn’t your fault’

How to politely tell your boss that It wasn’t your fault?

It feels bad when you are blamed for something that is not even your fault, especially at work. At the workplace, you are expected to stay more calm and polite. You cannot yell at your boss. So, should you just listen to him without telling him or her that it wasn’t your fault? Well, the answer is No. You should tell your boss that you were not on a fault. You should listen to him but you should clarify things to avoid a mess in the future. In this article, we will explore how to tell it to your boss.

How to tell your boss you were not on fault
How to tell your boss you were not on the fault

1. Are you new to the workplace?

If you are new to any organization this could become a major problem. There could be a miscommunication or might be you are not aware how the things work? In that case, it is important to ask. If you don’t know certain things ask for help from your co-workers. Do not assume things. Assuming things can land you in a trouble. If your boss lashes out at you for something that was not done by you. Politely say I wasn’t aware of this. Will keep this in mind from next time.

2. How can I handle this?

Blame games would not work in the workplace. If something has happened it is everybody’s responsibility. Even if you know who did the mistake, don’t take a specific name.  Just say I wasn’t involved with part of the project, but please let me know how to handle this. At least this way your boss will get to know that you are willing to understand the working environment

3. Explain the idea behind your act

If you did something that is different from the usual protocol, then it is important to explain the idea behind your act. Don’t start explaining when your boss is angry. First, listen to him or her without any arguments. Once you feel that you can convey your point of view too, then put your view across. You can also explain him or her that how your idea can help the organization in a long run.

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Smart workers do not play blame games. To be a strong team player it is important to take responsibilities and to be accountable for the mistakes you did. If you did any mistake just accept but if you are not on fault, then politely tell it to your boss. This will help you to keep things clear from your end and things would not get messed up.

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