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Pravin Narain Agarwal CMD

A Dreamer and a Thinker. Believes in the Power of Thought. His credo is ‘Nothing is Impossible”

K.S.Chandrashekhar- Special Advisor to the Board

A.D. Kumar – Vice President
Bharat Chawla - V.P. Marketing

Bharat Chawla – V.P. Marketing

Parul Srivastava- Assistant Editor
Radhika Srivastava- Associate Reporter
Aditya Kapoor- Senior Video Editor
Yogesh Goyal- Video Editor
Deeksha Singh- Reporter
Raju Chauhan- D.O.P
Neha Singh- Reporter
Kapil Saini- Graphic Designer
Our contributor
Kiran Pandey Rai- Astrologer



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