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Meet Sparkles: The Dancing Robot Dog Disguised in Cuteness, Stirring Mixed Reactions in Viral Video

Spot - a robot dog is going to make an new buddy - Sparkles, and they are making a beautiful bond through dance which is a common language between them.

Who is Sparkles? Robot dog in disguise dances its heart out, viral video sparks mixed reactions

In the midst of the numerous robot dance videos on YouTube, one has now become the talk of all social media users.What’s the buzz about? It’s a scene with a robot dog, though it is not your average robot dog. This metal machine is not just dancing, you see, it’s shaking its tiny little mallet in a prettily bright blue doggie outfit, an image you may not have witnessed in your everyday life.

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The video includes sporting action of the Boston Dynamics Robot dogs. ‘ Spot and someone strange new friend here, they are going to talk the language dance way that we are all familiar with. Hello everybody, it is your new friends!’ – such video was published under the name of the brand on YouTube.

As Bostom Dynamics explains, Spot is a “mobile agile robot”. A humanoid robot model by the company name Sensing Stand, according to the company, it was created “to automate sensing and inspection, capture unlimited data, and explore to the end of the world.” The robot gives a great chance to work in various industries, for example, “factory floors, construction sites, and research labs.”

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The video only posted four days ago has managed to become a sensation. So far, it has gathered an amazing 1,4 million views and this number is rising and rising. This prominence has then in turn led to users writing all different manners of posts. Several were amusing and responded in disbelief to see the robot dog doing the dance, while the others expressed their reactions referring to a world where humans are tricked and enslaved by some higher intelligent being like the robot dog.

What YouTuber Users Have To Say About It ?

All want to pet “Dog” till its neck gets elongated to 4 feet,” posted a YouTube user.

“As if it’s already frightening enough to envision a post-apocalyptic reality where a robot dog with a chainsaw is hunting for you as you are hiding under your shack’s floor. Now, instead of a cold, hard plastic and steel surface, forcing you to brace yourself for warmth, you are greeted with the face of sparkle with the same chainsaw. My God,” another user said.

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