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#BFF marriage brings ultimate gala time for all of us

When your BFF gets married

#BFF marriage is a dream

When your BFF gets married:- Friends have their own importance in everyone’s life. They are the ones with whom we can fight, love, and can even share our deepest secrets.

You know what is best thing about having a best friend is they accept you with your flaws. In short they accept you the way you are and appreciate your uniqueness.  They know what you are. True and real friends are those, who always make corrections, whenever you do something wrong, not those who doesn’t bother about your actions at all.

Have you yet experienced that crazy feeling, when your bestie gets married?  Its feels like butterfly in stomach. This is the best time when you can tease your best friend or even make her jealousy by spending your entire time with your jiju over her phone.

Girls are the best attention seeker during her best friend’s wedding as she very well knows that next wedding will be her own. Well, first time when your friend disclose the news of her marriage to you it becomes impossible to believe. Eventually you realize that it is finally happening. Best friend’s marriage brings a lot of memories that you can cherish for lifetime.

When your BFF gets married
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Here, we have come up with several reasons why #BFF marriage is always memorable:~

  1. Perfect reunion time

Best friends shares lots of common friends to whom we are  not in touch in since a long time thanks to busy work schedules! But this is perfect ceremony, where you guys can have a lot of fun with your friends. This is perfect friends’ reunion.

  1. You realize just how close you are to your BFF

Marriage is exciting as well emotional as a grown up girls has to leave her all the loved ones so this is a time when one realizes that how important your friend is in your life.

  1. You get to give her the best gift ever – by organising a perfect wedding for her!

Bride remains bit occupied with lots of work so best friends can give a best gift by throwing wonderful wedding party for her. From choosing her best wedding clothes to best wedding venue best friends are always helpful.

  1. Greatest bachelorette party

Before your friend tie the knot with someone and get engage in her life it’s better to make her feel special by throwing exciting Bachelorette party for her. Girls should do pajama party.

  1. Put stage on fire during Sangeet

Your best friend has lot of expectations from you so it’s right time to prove this. You should put fire on the stage by showing all your  thumkas. Just do a crazy dance.

When your BFF gets married

  1. Make beautiful memories on her wedding

This is a perfect time when you can make beautiful memories by clicking lot of pictures that too in different poses.

  1. After the bride, the next most important person is you!

Bride trust you the most so her family also trust you the most so therefore you become next important person in your best friend wedding.

  1. All the things that go wrong are hilarious

Sometimes in an excitement things go wrong that can create problems for the bride or things can go hilarious even.

  1. Perfect place to interact with new people

Best friend wedding is perfect place where you get a chance to meet a lot of new and nice people too! You can even grow new bonds with others.

  1. And who knows, maybe this is where you meet your special someone!

God knows may be you yourself find your true love in your bestie wedding. So enjoy the fullest.

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