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Unveiling Office Peacocking: Exploring the Emerging Workplace Trend

Giving workplace a hi-end make over with special kitchen, canteen and breakout area, using better interior-- may be indirect way to make work place look and feel deluxe so that employees feel comfortable enough to return.This is popularly referred to as 'office peacocking'.

What is office peacocking? Know about this emerging workplace trend

The Covid-19 pandemic forced at least a significant part of the corporate environment to engulf the work-from-the office position and now, almost 4 years after that, many companies have either resumed full-time work or utilized the hybrid work model. For the most part, the growth of synthetic intelligence has, by and large, changed many workplaces as well. As a result, there are many new office slangs and trends today. Here are evolving office trends that include office peacocking and many other-

Office peacocking

The last Covid-19 pandemic shifted the working environment toward the working from home for employees and up until now, things have returned as usual. Google is a very well-known example of a company that has now gone to such an extent to give their employees the option or the possibility to work remotely all the time, which is becoming relatively common for most of the companies. Yet, it is employers who are still trying to persuade workers, so they are willing to return to office. In the same manner ,a lot of corporations deploy the ‘ workplace peacocking ‘ to tempt workers over to the office. They have their offices being renovated to larger and better scenes with the kitchen and break out areas getting upgrades, the furniture made into a better one and all in line to ensure the work place is made to look and feel more fancy so the employees can come back to office.

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Dry promotions

In the past few months various reasons have resulted in a surge in the number of jobs being cut around the world. AI at the workplace is one of the many factors resulting in the loss of jobs such as technology jobs . As a result of this, many organizations started implementing the next workplace trend which is called ‘dry promotions’, and that could bother the workers if it happens repeatedly.

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Coffee badging

As there is an increasing number of companies or employers demanding this and enabling different kinds of work models, such as, hybrid or full time work models, many employees are finding a way to be on this course. There you go! This has led to the popularization of the so-called “Coffee Badging”. According to a Gallup poll, many workers have adopted the culture of going to work but they only go to their office to bother for a coffee break, just hang around for a moment and take leave to work from another place, maybe from home or any other place. This is called “Coffee Badging”.

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