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One World News is a Delhi Based independent media organisation, deeply committed to bringing out diverse and engaging narratives from different parts of the world. Founded by Pravin Narian in 2011, with an aim to practice conventional methods of Journalism, we cater news and unbiased opinions that matter to the nation in the most info-taining manner.

As we expand, we ensure our commitment to catering information in every format, video audio and written, ideated towards giving voices to under-represented communities, bringing impact stories, with a perspective, that matches with the progressiveness, we need in the society we have been living in. We believe in empowering our audience with information by catering all the information they need to know.

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Email – info@oneworldnews.com

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One World News believes in empowering writers and journalists, especially the budding ones. Send your write-ups/ photographs/ pitches at info@oneworldnews.com and get paid for your work too.

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