About Us

One World News 

Who we are?

OneWorldNews is a Delhi based Online News Portal. It was founded by Pravin Narain in the year 2011.

It’s with aim is to provide original research, and solution-oriented news articles and content to its readers.

A team of young enthusiastic journalists make up to core of OWN, who strive to uphold true journalistic values and tenets.

Our content, geared towards all age and gender groups brings regular content in different genres – ranging from humour to trends, culinary arts, politics, social issues, etc.

Our feature programs include among others:

KAAM KI BAAT – Dealing with pressing issues relating to education, employment, health, safety, etc., to move towards positive nation-building.

WOMEN TALK – Issues relating to Women, from their own perspective, and stories about individual women’s achievements, usually against all odds.

UNFILTERED STORIES – Articles written by our readers, expressing their views on various subjects.

Why work with OneWorldNews?
We not only publish budding writers, we also groom them into being confident model journalists. A large latitude is given in subject selection.

The budding reporters are issued press cards, taught live interview taking and given independent assignments in this area.

Their selected articles are not only published with their bylines, but they also get paid for them, thus building their CVs.

Thus, an induction in our team grooms the journalistic candidates with areal on the ground experience and credentials for a successful media career.

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