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Weird Cosmetic Surgeries that nature has no connection with!

1.To make a permanent smile by lifting Mouth corner

The surgery lifts either of the sides or both sides to have an apparent permanent smile on face .

2.Slitting the tongue to get 2 tongues

Humans, normally have one tongue but there is a possible surgery to slit your tongue and make it two.

3. Eyebrow tattoo


tongue bifurcation

This is actually useful to get rid of regular sittings in beauty parlours.

4.Bicep implants

This is especially for lazy dudes who just wish to get the machine as Steve Roger (Chris Evans) got in Captain America

5.Belly button surgery

Belly buttons are of 2 types innie and an outie. People do not prefer their outie belly button and hence tuck it in.

6.Toe liposuction

Liposuction means removing extra fat from a particular area through suction. In this, removing from toe.

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