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Wine Etiquette: Tips & Tricks to master it

Wine Etiquette for beginners: How to get it right?

Drinking wine is fun. It could be a great experience, especially for beginners. But not everybody knows how to serve it right. Etiquette is one of those things that may seem unnecessary to many, but it is a powerful tool. It can help you to leave a long lasting impression. Just like dining etiquette, wine etiquette is equally important. It can come handy in many situations. No matter if you are serving Old world wine or New World wine, you must follow certain rules. Let us take a look at the wine etiquette.

(Wine Etiquette)

Wine Etiquette can be useful in many situations:

  • Business Dinners
  • Formal gatherings
  • Classy Dinner Dates

Temperature is important

It is important to know that wines are served at different temperatures such as Red wine is served at room temperature whereas white wine is served chilled. So, if you are serving red wine it is important to serve it at room temperature

How to pick the right glass?

A lot of people prefer AP glasses which means all purposes glasses. But wines are served in different glasses. White wine glasses tend to be smaller red wine glasses. This is because white wines do not need as much as a surface to breathe as reds do.  When drinking white wine, choose glasses with narrower bowls. Notably, red wine needs a larger surface to breathe so that its taste gets fully developed. That’s why red wine typically has larger bowls.

How much time wine need to breathe?

Young wines: 1-5 years old: 1 hour
Old Wines: 6-10 years old: 15 minutes

How to pour wine?

Whenever you are pouring the bottle of wine always ensure that the label of wine is on the show to whomever you are pouring for. Always hold the bottle towards the base.

(Wine Etiquette)

Always hold the stem not the bowl while drinking

While drinking wine, hold it by its stem, not from the base. If you will hold it by its bowl, then it will leave greasy finger marks on the glass and will also warm the wine too quickly. In order to get the real taste of the wine swirl it. When you will swirl it, the wine in your glass will come in contact with the air, this will also release its aroma.

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Important Note: Wine is best when it is sipped and savored, as opposed to being gulped down. Never take more than 1 sip at a time. Take small and medium-sized sips of wine.  Hold the wine in the center of your tongue this will allow you to taste the complex flavors of the wine.  Next time when you are hosting a party or even if you are going out on a classy dinner date, drink wine like a boss!!!

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