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Are you also a part of ‘Pretending Society’?

How to spot genuine people in this pretending Society?

Have you ever thought about how much you have changed? How much our society has changed? How much we have become pretentious for society? How your needs are changed? We all have started living in a pretending society. Where everybody is running in a race of showing off. So how to spot genuine people?

What is pretentious nature?

Pretentious nature is about creating an appearance. For example, you are sad but in front of people, you pretend to be happy. It is basically trying to appear or sound more important or clever than you are in reality. Change in behavior is obvious, undoubtedly you take interest in the world around you. You try to pretend as people want to see you.

Social media:  A reason for our pretentious nature

On social media we are more pretentious, then we are in reality. On social media, we try to pretend more rich, more glamorous much happier than in reality. But from inside you know that you are not that happy as you pretend to be. This is also a reason for people are in a depression. On social media, they have so many friends but in reality, they are a loner. To become popular on social media people pretend to be happy, glamours, and rich. But is that show off leading somewhere? Are they making us happy?

Pretentious nature is changing our needs!

It is normal that you grow, your behavior and needs get changed. But when there is a change because of pretentious nature it creates an impact on your life. Through this, you try to make an image on social websites and do self-branding which somewhere create a good impact.

Using a smartphone is very normal in today’s life because there is a trend of capturing mirror image with an Apple iPhone many people for this only had bought iPhones in same way capturing a pic with DSLR camera have become very popular and only because of this people had bought DSLR cameras. The point is when anything comes in trend everyone wants to wear that to show off and to pretend that they are always with the trend.

Being Pretentious can make a bad impact on life

In college life, students try to pretend themselves cool but sometimes to pretend cool they get stuck in bad habits of smoking and drinking. This creates a bad impact on their future. To pretend cool they buy different products. There are many cases when people do offenses to get money to buy things that they want.

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In today’s time, it is very tough to find genuine people you can’t easily understand who really cares for you. People have become so pretentious that you don’t understand what they are in reality, and how they react in front of you.


Pretending is not cool. It is important to understand the difference between being cool and being content. The show-off society will only make you hollow from inside and you will feel alone at the end.

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