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What! Did I just see a ghost?

What! Did I just see a ghost?

Ghosts! Spirits! Monsters! When you come across these words or someone tells you about ghost stories what really comes to your mind? Are you afraid of them oryou have simply taken them as a joke.

There are so many stories associated with the presence of ghosts and their existence around us. Debates, discussions of myths all go hand in hand and between all this it becomes difficult for us to believe or not to believe!

India, a country where superstitions prevails so much, four out of every ten people believe in their existence, the existence of ghosts is debatable. Though science has its own explanation on super natural powers, there are some incidents that do not have any explanation.


Ghost spotting at Bhangarh Picture Courtesy: Vaibhav Roy

When One World News, researched on this topic, we found some astonishing incidents. People shared their experiences and one of them was as follows:

Story: “I am from a small village of Uttar Pradesh; I used to go to my farms early in the morning. There were rumors that a spirit of a lady stays there and people were very scared to go there, especially in the night or early in the morning.”

“I am a person of rational thinking but on that day, I can clearly recall the date December 10th 2009, I was as usual going for my work and all of a sudden I encountered a lady who was crying and was asking for help”.

“She said her child is ill and she wants to take him to the doctor and as soon as I started following her, the woman disappeared and I found myself near a well, I could have died if I had continued walking for just a few steps more.”

I can’t forget the incident andafter it I was on bed for 2 years before I finally decided to migrate to Delhi”. Rakesh Jha

Story:“The incident I am going to tell you happened in year 1997. At that time my daughter was just 12, she was returning from her school and she found a doll lying on the road. She brought that doll home.”

“Itwas new, I asked her who has given this to you. She told me she got it fromtheroad, I scolded her but she kept doll with her.”

“After few days, I noticed that she was talking to the doll. I thought she is just playing. Eventually, she stopped going out. Neither did she study nor did she talk to her friends. She became fussy and all the time she was found with that doll. We were really tensed as her behavior drastically changed.”

What! Did I just see a ghost? - oneworldnews

“We took her to the doctor but her health and mental condition was declining day by day. One day she was crying, I can recall that day actually she was growling in pain and her voice was sounding different. Her voice sounding like a voice of another girl, she was asking for help and calling her mother.”

“That day I understood my daughter was captured by a spirit. Wasting no more time I went to an enchanter for help. He told me that a spirit has come through the doll. After performing his all rituals, he told us that the spirit is of a 10 year old girl who died in a road accident and nobody helped her”.

“He told that she came back just to meet her mother because this was her last desire. I was not able to believemy eyes. I thought I was dreaming but this happened. Finally, my daughter got rid of it.”

“Today also I don’t know whether they exist or not, but I am happy that my daughter is now fine”, says Janvi Aggarwal.

One World News asked the experts how somehow can have two voices.

There can be various reasons behind it. It may happen due to the multiple personality disorder in a person. Do you know we have two vocal cords but we make use of only one? It may be possible that a different voice comes out because of the usage of the second cord.

You can witness a sudden change in your voice when you suffer from cold and cough.

“I am a rational person and I don’t believe in ghosts. To prove myself I went to Bhangarh, one of the most haunted places in India. I stayed there and I clicked some pictures and found some astounding evidence”, said Vaibhav Roy, travel enthusiast.

Talking to Hindu Pandits, we found that they strongly believe in the presence of ghostsand they say that they exist and sometimes also disturb a human’s life and can sometimes even destroy their lives and cause death. “Jeene aur marne ke beech mai bhi ek jeevan hota hai, jo mukt nhi ho pate woh Dharti par rahte hai atma ke baish mai”

Although, science has different explanations for it, they believe that there could be so many reasons behind it. Science says that it could’ve beenan illusion, fear or even the mental condition of a person.

Sumeet Kaur, a psychologist says that there are possibilities that a person who encounters ghosts in their words may be suffering from a psychological disorder. I have even dealt with the most dangerous cases of ghost encounters and all episodes a lay man may perceive as a ghost.

Debates are going for many years but still so many questions are to be answered.

There are beliefs that ghosts are mostly found in the rural areas but when One World News did a survey in capital of the Nation, it was shocking to know that people over here have also experienced the super- natural.

There are many assumptions on it and a war between science and religion on its existence is still on.

“I don’t feel that ghosts exist. It is just the imagination of human beings, and it is their fear that makes them believe in the existence of ghosts”, says Kabir Nanda a student.

Well, it is difficult to say something about their existence with certainty but if you believe in them you are not alone. The entire world has many speculations on this topic.

Leaving you here and making it completely your decision, we at One World News just wantsto highlight the topic which has been discussed so often throughout history.

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