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Do You Know, Using Room Heaters can Be Harmful to Your Health too?

How can using room heaters be harmful to you?

The winters are at the peak and we all love staying warm and cosy. Well, who doesn’t want to stay in an environment that is warm on a day where the temperature outside their windows is hitting all the lows. And yes, to make our rooms warm and cosy, many of us prefer using room heaters, which perhaps make the rooms just as what one desires to have on a chilly day. But do you know, the room that looks warm and fascinating because of the usage of the room heater is perhaps not very healthy for your health? Well, let us tell you that the room heaters you have been using for your rooms can really turn out hazardous for your health because of the following. But before that, read how these room heaters work –


Working of the room heaters –

The room heaters generally have metal or ceramic cores, which generally heats up till red hot. The air around moves over the hot core and comes out, resulting in the increasing room temperature. Well, this looks like a good situation but it is not.

– The hot metal, which is being heated up ends up drying the moisture in the air. So basically, the air that gushed out is hot and super dry air, the obvious side effects of which can be drying of the skin but guess what, the heaters also burn up the oxygen from the room atmosphere.

– The room heaters also increase the toxic levels in the house. Why? Most of the heaters generally being used are unvented and the problem they create is that they release toxic gases, like Carbon Monoxide, are released while heating up of metal in the room itself and it could lead to issues in breathing, brain or organ damage in infants and after all, makes the air in the room unfit for breathing. People with respiratory disorders like asthma should be more cautious before using room heaters.

– Even the people who don’t have respiratory problems often experience nausea, sleepiness, uneasiness, and headaches too in rooms that have heaters.

– besides these, we all must have been aware of the chances of accidental burns with the room heaters, and the case is so with both, the metallic and the non-metallic body.


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So what can you do to stay warm in a healthy way-

1. You can keep a bowl of water at one corner of the room while using heaters so that the air could retain some moisture content from the bowl of water.

2. Keep the heater at a reasonable temperature and avoid using it for very long hours.

3. Ensure that the heater is checked and serviced properly and all coils and tubes are functioning as desired. Otherwise, there are chances that the small defect in the coil will lead to the release of toxic gases.

4. Ensure that there is some ventilation in the room when you are using heaters.


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