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Anant Ambani’s Private Zoo vs. Aarif’s Sarus Crane Rescue: A Tale of Double Standards

The contrasting cases of Anant Ambani's private zoo and Aarif's Sarus Crane rescue underscore the ever-lasting problems of privilege, duty, and environmental justice in society.

Anant Ambani Was Allowed To Keep His Private Zoo But Aarif Booked For Rescuing Sarus? Netizens Want To Know Why

Recent news of Anant Ambani, son of one of India’s wealthiest families, being allowed to maintain his private zoo- VANTARA,  while Aarif, an ordinary citizen, faces legal actions for rescuing a Sarus Crane, has sparked outrage and raised questions about double requirements in wildlife conservation laws. Here, we will delve into the contrasting cases of Anant Ambani and Aarif, exploring the underlying problems of privilege, accountability, and environmental justice.

Anant Ambani’s Private Zoo

Anant Ambani, son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani, made headlines when it was found out that he was granted permission to maintain a private zoo VANTARA.  Vantara’ or Forest Star, the animal rescue and rehabilitation reserve in the sprawling 3000-acre personal assets became the media’s darling. Vantara homes wildlife like elephants, leopards, and lots more. Despite concerns raised by environmental activists and wildlife professionals about the ethical and prison implications of preserving wild animals in captivity, Anant Ambani’s private zoo continues to perform without going through extensive scrutiny or repercussions.

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Aarif’s Sarus Crane Rescue:

In a stark evaluation of Anant Ambani’s privileged role, Aarif, a concerned citizen and natural world enthusiast, found himself in legal trouble after rescuing a Sarus Crane, India’s tallest flying bird, from a construction site in Uttar Pradesh. Sarus Cranes are indexed as susceptible on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List due to habitat loss, pollution, and unlawful looking. Aarif’s movements had been motivated by genuine concern for the welfare of the crane and a desire to guard a species facing near threats to its survival.

Double Standards and Environmental Justice:

The rescue service towards animals of Anant Ambani and Aarif highlights broader issues of privilege, accountability, and environmental justice in society. While individuals with wealth are treated with leniency when it comes to criminal subjects, ordinary citizens like Aarif are subjected to harsh penalties and legal repercussions for their movements, even if inspired by altruistic intentions.

The case of Anant Ambani’s zoo underscores the need for more responsibility and oversight in the regulation of wildlife conservation laws. Allowing individuals to preserve personal zoos with minimal scrutiny sets a dangerous precedent and undermines efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats. 

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On the other hand, Aarif’s plight highlights the demanding situations faced by grassroots activists and regular citizens who are searching to advocate for environmental conservation and natural world safety. Despite their satisfactory intentions and efforts to make a nice effect, they regularly discover themselves marginalized, silenced, or penalized by governments who prioritize the pursuits of the powerful and privileged over the ordinary people. 

The contrasting cases of Anant Ambani’s private zoo and Aarif’s Sarus Crane rescue underscore the ever-lasting problems of privilege, duty, and environmental justice in society. As citizens, we ought to demand greater transparency, accountability, and equality under the law, especially about subjects of environmental conservation and wildlife safety. By keeping individuals and establishments answerable for their movements and advocating for meaningful exchange, we can strive toward a greater simple and sustainable destiny for all dwelling beings on our planet.

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