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Visakhapatnam hostel: Kolkata Teen’s Death Spurs Murder Case

Kolkata teen's family files murder case after suspicious death in Visakhapatnam hostel. Biswas vows investigation; cross-state legal action pursued with Andhra Pradesh court's involvement.

Kolkata Teen’s Death in Visakhapatnam Prompts Murder Case Filing, Biswas Assures Probe, Cross-State Legal Action Initiated

A day subsequent to West Bengal minister Aroop Biswas’s visit to the deceased girl’s family in Kolkata, the father of the 17-year-old who died in Visakhapatnam filed a formal murder case complaint with the Kolkata Police. The complaint follows Biswas’s pledge to investigate. Assured by Biswas and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s support, the father filed the complaint. During Biswas’s visit, a phone conversation between the girl’s father and Banerjee was facilitated.

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Cross-State Murder Probe:

Biswas declared that an FIR would be filed by Netaji Nagar police station based on the family’s complaint, possibly leading to a state criminal investigation department (CID) probe. Although unclear how West Bengal police can investigate a crime in Andhra Pradesh, Biswas noted Banerjee’s concern. The girl had been in a Visakhapatnam hostel since May 2022, preparing for NEET. Her death, initially reported as a fall, is now suspected as murder due to inconsistencies in statements and the police report. The family sought the Andhra Pradesh high court’s intervention, appointing a commissioner to gather evidence.

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