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Empowering Female Foster Carers: The Why and the How

Elevating female foster carers is essential in meeting the pressing demand for nurturing homes. This article explores their innate empathy, normalizing single carers, the value of foster care allowances, and the supportive networks they create, collectively ensuring a brighter future for vulnerable children.

Empowering and Supporting Female Foster Carers: Nurturing a Brighter Future for Children in Need

In 2023, more than 100,000 children need a foster family, but there are significantly fewer foster carers than there are children and a big percentage of these are females. Single women, same-sex couples, and retirees lead the way. There is so much value in supporting women in these roles. Why is it important and how can they be better supported? Explore more below. 

Why Women Make Great Foster Carers

Anyone can possess the qualities it takes to be a great foster carer, so what makes women so special? One thing foster carers need to do is connect with the children they work with and build a rapport while empathising with their situation and background. This is not to put them above men in any way, but it is noted a lot that a lot of women carers are intuitively more empathetic and even nurturing than their male counterparts. These two skills are highly valuable attributes when it comes to working with children, especially children who may have had a diverse path in life before they arrive at your door. 

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Normalizing Single Carers

It is a big myth that you must be married or in a reliable partnership to become a foster carer. The fact is single parents exist everywhere, and it is no different in the foster care network. Your relationship status holds no bearing on whether or not you will be able to provide a safe space for a child. Single women can and should apply if they feel the role calling to them. This is a great opportunity to branch out socially and find your purpose in life. Looking after children that need it the most is one of the most special things a person can do, and single women are the perfect candidates. 

Highlighting the Foster Care Allowance

One thing that is a great bonus for single female carers is the foster care allowance. This is not a traditional salary. Instead, it is a monetary allowance awarded from the fostering agency to support their carers on the ground. For women considering stepping into this role but worrying about how it may impact their ability to earn money, this should be a great source of relief and reassurance. What you get depends on who you foster, how many children you welcome into your home and the level of support you offer. For instance, someone looking after siblings on a full-time basis will receive more than a carer who does respite placements for single children. 

Women and Supporting One Another

It is evident that women work hard to support one another. Female carers are likely to have a solid support network surrounding them which, in turn, creates a safe environment for the children that they look after. It makes it easier to manage their own well-being and mental health and provides an arena where children also have an extended net of people holding them up.

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Empowering female foster carers is important. They have a unique set of skills, and that is exactly what the care system needs.  

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