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Elvish Yadav bags Big Boss OTT 2 winner title, claims 280 million votes in 15 minutes

Elvish Yadav claims Bigg Boss OTT 2 win, ₹25 lakh prize, reveals 280 million votes in 15 minutes.

Elvish Yadav claims 280 million votes in a video surfacing on social media, conquers Big Boss OTT 2 title

Elvish Yadav claimed the title of Big Boss OTT 2 champion in a gripping showdown as he prevailed over Abhishek Malhan in the grand finale. The victory not only bestowed upon him the coveted trophy but also came with a substantial prize of ₹25 lakh. Following his triumphant win, a video of Elvish Yadav surfaced, capturing the celebratory moments within a hotel room, where he was surrounded by enthusiastic supporters. Dressed elegantly in black ethnic attire, Yadav shared a surprising revelation with his gathered fans.

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In the video, Elvish Yadav disclosed an astonishing fact about the voting process during the Big Boss OTT 2 finale. He recounted an interaction with a high-ranking Jio Cinema official, who oversees the show and mentioned that this individual had informed him of the remarkable voting figures he had garnered. During a mere 15-minute window, an astounding 280 million votes were cast in his favor. This revelation added a layer of awe to his victory and the substantial support he had garnered.


The culmination of the show saw Abhishek Malhan securing the position of the first runner-up, followed by Manisha Rani as the second runner-up of Big Boss OTT 2. Post the intense competition, it came to light that Abhishek Malhan faced health complications that required medical attention. In a video shared from the hospital, Malhan expressed his gratitude to his dedicated supporters for their votes. Additionally, he extended his congratulations to Elvish Yadav for clinching the title.

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Elvish Yadav’s triumph not only marked a personal achievement but also reflected the fervor of his fanbase. His astounding revelation about the vote count underscored the immense popularity he enjoyed during the finale. As the celebratory spirit continues, the spotlight remains on the remarkable journey these contestants undertook in the pursuit of the Big Boss OTT 2 championship

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