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Why travel to Kolkata?

The city of joy has often been the hub of many things, but, hardy has it been a “tourist spot” per say.

But, this city is not just another metropolitan city. In its small lanes, nooks and crannies, it holds the deepest secrets to a good vacation.

In its ghats it holds the magic of a thousand beaches. In its history and British type houses it holds the best stories.


To put these together, here is why you have to travel to Kolkata-

  • The place will offer you a variety of everything. From malls to street shopping, you have them all.
  • The FOOD. From Sandesh to Mishti Dahi, to Puchkas to Biryani, this place is the dream for foodies.
  • The old historic buildings thathave been standing strong from the British era.
  • The Ghaats and boating in River Ganga.
  • Shopping for books at College Street. *book lovers alert*
  • Early morning breakfast at Flurys, chaai at Sharmas or Singharas at any Benagli shop.
  • The tram rides.
  • Travelling on one of the oldest metro.
  • Park Street. This place caters to all your needs.

And obviously, the beautiful and amazing people you meet here.Well, the list is long and never ending. Tell us what all you think makes Kolkata worth the visit?

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Harshita Bajaj

Harshita has a background in Psychology and Criminology and is currently pursuing her PhD in Criminology. She can be found reading crime thrillers (or any other book for that matter) or binge-watching shows on Netflix when she is not in hibernation.
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