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Step Inside Janhvi Kapoor Chennai Holiday Home: Your Personal Tour Now Available on Airbnb”

The Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of the late superstar Sridevi, also has listed her family’s vacation home in Chennai on Airbnb for guests from May 12 .

 A Personal Tour From Janhvi Kapoor Of Her Chennai Holiday Home, Now On Airbnb

The Bollywood actor Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of the late superstar Sridevi, also has listed her family’s vacation home in Chennai on Airbnb for guests. Janhvi’s house, inherited from her late mother Sridevi, is luxurious to the core.

House Location

Even though the exact location of Jaanvi’s Chennai paradise remains a mystery for now, the Airbnb map seems to reveal that it is situated in Akkarai, a place on the East Coast Road of Chennai, just a few yards away from the famous Akkarai beach. Thus, she introduced in the listing that a property lies on four sprawling acres of land in place of tranquility.The house shown in pictures on the right is part of a renovation tale which has featured fabulous photos. The house boasts an outside fountain and swimming pool; an eye-catching bed; a garden; beautiful interior designs.

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Awaiting Activities –

Jahnvi will host the first visitors ever on an exclusive tour of the vibrant coastal house while she recalls her harmonious childhood summer experiences. “And the relaxation…what you’re gonna feel is the masterpiece….. I will demonstrate to you my skin care routine that I have learned from my mom.  You will have your dinner with some of my favorite South Indian dishes like Ghee Podi Rice, Andhra Biryani, Pesarattu dosa.”

Janhavi Kapoor Hospitality-

I want guests to feel valued and appreciated as much as I do, so I am going to try to replicate that feeling in my unique way. So for the first time in my generation, I’m hosting a few guests to give them the same Kapoor family life, Janhvi said in the listing. “I’m here to receive you, and I will take you on a guided tour of the areas most dear to me with the stories related to each of them from the giant hand made lotus sculpture to the main entrance.”

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Room tariff and availability

Guests can start booking rooms on May 12th as we launch our booking system to welcome all to our home. It is still unknown what the room rates will be. “You know that this property generates no photos since it was never depicted before, so if you do come, you certainly will be the first person to at least witness it, but also eventually stay here,” Janhvi shouted back.

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