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How to become a Mindful Friend?

5 ways how you can become a mindful friend?

We all crave meaningful relationships in our life. Friends are the family – we choose, people who grow, adapt and leave an impact in our lives.  Strong and meaningful friendships can make our life easy.  You can call them your tribe, your squad or your extended family, friends are the people around whom you can, be you!  They understand you and know exactly what you want, isn’t that magical?  We expect that our friend should understand us, right? In that case, we have to understand them too. Friendship is a two-way relationship and before you expect from your friend, you should become a mindful friend. Here are 5 ways to become a mindful friend. A Mindful friend does not judge, does not assume and is someone we can count on.

(How to be a mindful friend) 

 Let us take a look at what all we can do to become a mindful friend:

  1. Listen to them carefully: When they say – Hey, Can we talk? Listen to them carefully. Try to understand their point and do not judge them. Let them know that you care and understand their point of view. Offer them meaningful advice and extend a helping hand if you can.
  2. If you share something important with your friend and he or she shares it with someone else.How will you feel? Betrayed, right? Next time when your friend shares something important with you, keep it with yourself.  Be mindful of what your friend shares with you can go a long way.
  3. Instead of assuming things on your own, be kind and compassionate when you approach your friend.  It will make them comfortable around you.  Your words play an important role when it comes to winning the confidence of your friend. Remember people will only share their problems or even their happiness when they will trust you.
  4. Support your friends when they at their lowest point. People seek support in difficult times and it is always a good idea to make them feel safe.
  5. Try to understand the kind of reliability your friend is looking for. We all need reliable people in our lives, right? And the best part is you can also be someone’s reliable friend.

How you can practice Mindfulness on a regular basis?

To become a mindful friend it is important to practice mindfulness. It can be practised on a daily basis. It not only helps us to become calmer individual but also saves us from a lot of trouble. A mindful person appreciates little things in life. If you practice mindfulness on a daily basis, you better understand your emotions and physical health.  Practising mindfulness leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

( You can follow these steps) 

Here a few simple steps to practice mindfulness and trust us it will not consume a lot of time.

1. Listen to Soothing Music: Soothing and pleasant music works wonders. After a stressful day, just lay down, close your eyes, feel the music in your soul and it will help you clear your thoughts.

2. Organise things at Workplace or home:  Unorganised things can cause anxiety and stress. Organising things at your place or home could be a great stress buster. While you picking off bits and pieces of objects during the process, you are also practising mindfulness while organizing every piece.

3. Laugh out loud: We want you to laugh loudly with all your heart. It releases endorphins and brings more oxygen. It also boosts your immunity.

4. Social Media Detox: Continuous internet surfing can cause anxiety. Once in a while, you should turn off your device and reconnect with the natural world. It helps you to break the mundane routine and freshens you up for all the upcoming task.

5. A soothing hot bath –It should be long and relaxing. It helps your breathing become slower and deeper and allows you to be in the present moment.

6. Genuine compliment: Observe people around you mindfully. Give them genuine compliments. For example – I loved the way you helped that stranger today. Close observation brings new warmth to your relationships!

You can use these techniques and you will experience a transformation. These atomic habits can make your life easier and happier!

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