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Love Bombing can be emotionally draining: How to spot signs?

Have you even been bombed with Love? Here is how you can spot Love Bombing Signs?

Falling in love with someone is a blissful feeling, right? We all crave attention and appreciation from our partners but what if someone bombards you with a lot of affection, supports your every action, and claims to be your soulmate every then and now? Is it healthy?  Have you met someone recently who is claiming to be your soulmate and declaring their undying love for you after just a few weeks? Then, my friend, you have become a victim of “Love Bombing”. According to relationship experts, Love bombing can be emotionally draining. Here is how you can spot signs and act before it’s too late.

Love Bombing
Does your partner bombards you with a lot of affection

Falling in love is a process and time cannot control your feelings for anyone.  Simply put “Kayi Baar Kayi Mulaqate lagti hai pta karne ke liye he/she is the one, aur kayi baar ek Mulaqat Kaafi hoti hai.” But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the red flags. Love bombing involves being showered with affection, gifts and promises to make you believe that you have found the love of your life.  The person will give you their undivided attention, will support all your actions, and they seem to just get you. Their actions will make you wonder whether this is what you have been missing for so long.  But is it healthy?  The answer could be No.  Before making any decision, you must lookout for some signs.

1. Do you get furious when doing other things?

Does your new partner get furious with you and labels you as selfish when you care about anything else other than your partner?  They just can’t comprehend that you have anything else going on in your life. It is one of the biggest red flags when it comes to spotting signs of love bombing. A healthy relationship has space and understanding. It is about uplifting each other, and not about controlling.

2. They show affection and kindness only when you act according to them

Two people in a relationship can’t be the same and there would be disagreements as well. The Love Bombing abusers will show affection only when you act according to them. The moment you don’t act the way they want, they will withdraw all kinds of affection. They will leave you wondering what went wrong? In fact, they will punish for the actions they don’t like.  It could come in any form – silent treatment to shouting or even physical abuse. If you are going through any of this, it is time to break the silence and walk away.

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3.They have declared you as “The One” and you are still figuring out – Is this what you really want?

Sometimes it could be extremely difficult to spot love bombing abuse because all new relationships are exciting. There is a promise and potential and new chemistry gives you butterflies.  The emotional highs and giddiness are normal and not necessarily a cause for alarm.  However, falling quickly into a serious relationship isn’t normal. You might have got into a relationship with a casual intention but you found yourself in an exactly opposite scenario. You are talking so much to them that you believe you were made for each other.  Before you know, they have declared you the one and have started making marriage plans.

Love Bombing

But why do people fall for Love – Bombing Abuser

According to psychology, narcissists are attractive because they traits such as confidence, self–sufficiency, and ambition.  But when the love-bombing turns into devaluation, it can be traumatizing and heartbreaking for the victim.  The victim will make all possible efforts to bring back the person they love, but they would not come back.  In reality, this person never existed – it was a mask.

“They love bomb and then devalue you so that you are always on high alert and never want to do anything wrong.” In the process to keep them into you, your standards are lowering and you lose your sense of self.”  The best way is to take a step back and remember your boundaries. If someone is really into you, then they will have no problem in taking things slowly. If you are being pressurized in any way, then you might be a target of a love bomb. Set your boundaries, say no, and protect yourself.

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