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Latest – Ex-Delhi Minister Raaj Kumar Anand Sends Fresh Resignation Letter to Arvind Kejriwal, Meets with LG

On Sunday, a new letter was sent," Anand remarked. "I brought up the issue when I saw the L-G. Four days have passed following his CM (Arvind Kejriwal) release, and he still hasn't accepted my resignation.

Ex-Delhi Minister Raaj Kumar Anand Sends Fresh Resignation Letter to Arvind Kejriwal, Meets LG

Raaj Kumar Anand, the former Minister for Labour, Social Welfare and SC/ST/OBC, who rescinded the AAP on April 10, has once again knocked on the doors of the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to accept his resignation. The AAP MLA who was earlier quit in the time of intensive corruption prevalent in the government which caused the arrest of the CM.

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The CM was freed on interim bail for 21 days by the Supreme Court. As per his bail conditions, it is not allowed for him to visit the CMO or the Delhi Secretariat. He will be under the statement made on his behalf that he shall not sign official files “except in case it is needed or required for getting clearance of the L-G. ”

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A senior official from the Social Welfare Department, meanwhile, said: “The SC/ST department has not been affected by the minister’s resignation… many files related to the Social Welfare Department are, however, uncompleted because of the absence of a minister…”

As per the L – G House sources, they have not got any file or communication from the CM regarding the Social Welfare minister.

“First, they said that the CM is in jail, he can’t sign any files. Then, I wrote to the CM again, and my team member visited the CM’s house and submitted the letter. They received the letter but said nothing. The fresh letter was sent (on Sunday)…. I met the L-G and raised the issue. It has been four days since his (CM) release but, the registration has not been accepted.

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