Love over Lust: Know the signs of relationship addiction

Have you ever wondered whether you are in love or lust or if your obsession with someone is a sign of love or addiction?

When we like someone, we try to get to know them, spend time with them, fall in love, commit for a lifetime, and work through life’s ups and downs. However, there are some people who just lust for sex.

It almost sounds funny as married individuals always dream or fantasize about being single for at least one day. At the same time, single people dream about being in a relationship.

People often get confused and unable to tell the difference between lust and love and wonder if love is related to lust. Not many people know this but, love and lust are related, but they are not the same thing as in the beginning, many symptoms are similar and can get confused.


It is known as intense sexual attraction or desire to have countless sex. When it is pure lust, a person is not interested in spending time together without sex or the expectation of it and is also not interested in discussing real-life problems and may not even want to spend the night unless it involves sex. They fantasy mostly sexual or about the person’s appearance and body. They believe sex is everything and do not get emotionally involved.

love, lust

As we get attracted to our lover, we may want to spend more or less time together, depending on what we learn about their body, skin and how they taste when we kiss them. Our brain chemicals along with our attachment and psychological issues can easily connect us through romance that feels like love.


Love is when your physical attraction turns into something that you listen to love songs all the time, having endless conversations with the one who loves you as it feels like cinematic scenes of walks along sandy shores.

When you’re in love, you don’t see red flags, or if you do, you just ignore or justify them because you  think everything is great and wonderful and the person who is responsible for all this is our soul mate.

Lust can lead to true love when we get attached to someone sexually and romantically. As the relationship grows, we develop trust and instead of trying to change our partner, we gladly accept them for what they are and want to share more of our time and life together, including our problems, friends, and family.

A passionate love develops an attachment and a kind of attraction that is associated with feelings of excitement, which craves emotional connection. It is characterized by feelings of calm, emotional union, and security and is seen in long-term relationships which include friendships, families, and committed romantic partnerships.

Experts say that lust is a state of overwhelming sexual and physical attraction to another person whereas love is a much broader concept that carries a deeper emotional connection and a desire to make that relationship last.

It is sometimes sexual with a lot of emotions It is mainly sexual with no emotions 
You are attached emotionally and physically  You are only physically attached 
Seeks romantic relationship, with emotional, mental, and spiritual connection Seeks sexual and physical connection
You feel loved all the time accompanied by sexual or physical connection You feel horny and crave for more sex all the time
It is experienced with or without lust It is experienced with or without love
Only one partner is involved  Multiple partners are involved 
You are happy with your sex life  You try multiple sexual activities
You are calm and have patience  You are arrogant, sex maniac and impatient 
You can be emotionally vulnerable Sex is your weakness 
You make plans for the future No future commitments
You are invested in their life You have no curiosity about their life
You indulge with family and friends  You want more private time than social 
It can last forever  It can last for a couple of months
Love has compassion  Can be heartless 
Wants you in life  Only wants you in bed 
Can be rude and manipulative It is rude and manipulative
Can be jealous and insecure It is jealous and insecure
Seeks forgiveness  Seeks revenge 
Stays all the time  Leaves when sex is no longer available 

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