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Exclusive – Rajasthan Lift Collapse: All 14 Workers Trapped At Kolihan Copper Mine In Jhunjhunu Rescued; 3 Suffer Serious Injuries

On Wednesday, all 14 individuals who were stranded following the Rajastha lift collapse at Hindustan Copper Limited's Kolihan mine in the Jhunjhunu area were rescued.

Rajasthan Lift Collapse: All 14 Workers Trapped At Kolihan Copper Mine In Jhunjhunu Rescued; Three Suffer Serious Injuries

Rajasthan Lift Collapse held National Security Council to rescue the fourteen people, including the members of a Kolkata vigilance team, trapped in the lift that collapsed at Hindustan Copper Limited’s Kolihan mine in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district on Tuesday night.

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The rescue operations, which consisted of first removing eight people followed by the six who were still inside the lift, were held at a depth of 577 meters within the Kolihan mine.

After the successful rescue, three people with huge injuries were instantly sent to a hospital in Jaipur for their immediate medical care.

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Dr Pravin Sharma from Jhunjhunu Government Hospital has said that all the people trapped in the mine were rescued safely. He also added that three of the rescued people were in a critical condition and thus were referred to Jaipur.

Besides, the nursing staff at Jhunjhunu government hospital, Shishram, reported, “Some people have got fractures in their hands and some in their legs. “Everyone is safe. Three people are seriously wounded, the others are alive. The rescue operation was accomplished by means of a ladder.

At first, the indications are that the incident happened during an inspection when the vigilance team and the senior company officials went into the shaft. As they were on the verge of starting to come out of it, the rope which held the lift got broke, leaving about 14 people underground.

In the matter of the accident, a sudden dispatch of nine ambulances was made at the mine’s entrance and the rescue operation started on Tuesday night. The officials and staff were safely evacuated by the early hours of Wednesday.

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