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Guide for men: Everything you need to know about intimate Hygiene

Maintain proper intimate hygiene
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Isn’t it the body part that guys undoubtedly value the most? Intimate Hygiene is important because you owe it to your penis to always keep it clean, healthy, and fit for purpose. 

Well, everyone knows about the importance of taking a shower regularly along with maintaining proper hygiene. However, we take care of all forms of hygiene but sometimes tend to not give intimate hygiene the special attention that it deserves but it is just as important as any other form of personal hygiene.

Your genital area is more sensitive than any other part of your body which is why you need a separate intimate hygiene routine that is gentle enough for this sensitive region.

Why Intimate Hygiene is so important?

Keeping intimate hygiene safe and clean not only vital for men’s overall health, but also for their partner! Not washing your delicate area regularly can lead to body odour, accumulation of sweat and dirt, increases chances of penile yeast infection, cause it to smell bad and can even lead to irritation along with various other reactions that are not so pleasant and makes your Penis unhealthy.  Experts say that an unhealthy penis can determine men’s overall health and wellness.

Washing it daily is important if you want to stay away from infections like Balanitis and Tinea cruris, and STDs that are uncalled for and also because it site improves your sexual relationship. Now, these complicated names do sound weird and confusing as they’re basically yeast or fungal infections which can cause serious problems if proper hygiene is not maintained.

intimate Hygiene
Man having erectile problem in bedroom

Benefits of keeping your intimate area clean:

  1. Indicates your good hygiene

  2. Keeps your genitals clean and healthy

  3. Turns your partner on

  4. Gives you a better erection

  5. Good sensual results

  6. Good sex

How should you take care of it?

The important thing that you need to understand is that a thorough washing is essential but that too with being gentle at the same time. Goes without saying, men’s intimate areas are more susceptible to bad bacterial and fungal infections as they are constantly covered for the major part of the day.

Since regular cleaning is important, it is equally important to ensure that the process is in no way harming the delicate skin. Harsh chemicals in any soap, liquid cleanser and scrubbing too hard can damage your intimate skin and leave them inflamed.

So, the answer to this challenge is an intimate wash which is specially made to clean your intimate areas whilst maintaining the Ph balance of your skin and without causing any kind of side effects.

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It does so much for you, after all, so you owe it that much! Hence, give your penis the care it deserves so that it can function well. Following are a few things to keep in mind to maintain your penis health

  1. Keep it CLEAN & DRY: Wash your genitals properly & gently. You can use a safe and natural intimate wash that cleanses your delicate skin well without harming it. While you are down there, don’t forget to clean testicles and anal as they are enclosed in underwear for most of the day. Also don’t miss cleaning underneath the foreskin of your penis properly. Pull back the foreskin, and wash underneath and around the glans while you are in the shower else a cheesy-looking substance called Smegma which is a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist will begin to develop.

  2. CHANGE your innerwear DAILY:  Another important thing and the most obvious intimate care tip is to always and always change your underwear every time you take a shower because by not doing so, you are inviting the worst viruses, and fungal infections to make a home in your intimate region. Experts say that if you’ve engaged in a particularly sweaty activity, a midday change is advised.

  3. Wear BREATHABLE underwear: Every fabric is not as comfortable as cotton for your intimate area.  Cotton is a good choice to let your boy breathe.  Loose fit underwear is always recommended which is better for your functioning down there because restriction and overheating can both affect fertility and contribute to infection, like jock itch.

  4. Eat a healthy meal:  Eating healthy can help you in reducing the amount of sweat and foul smell that develops down there. Include some citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons in your diet along with green leaves such as spinach, kale and all kinds of green veggies.

  5. Drink lots of water: Most people are perhaps unaware but by regularly flushing the urinary tract, bacteria will have a hard time creating an infection. So, drink lots and lots of water every day along with green tea and juice to cleanse your body from inside and outside.

    intimate Hygiene

  6. Wash up after intercourse: Cleansing your genitals before and after sex is essential. People don’t realize this but not only it’s hygienic but also helps you to avoid any chance of STDs or infections. The fact is women are attracted to men for whom intimate hygiene is non-negotiable. Wash your hands & clean your genitals always immediately after having sex. Avoid douching just keep clean-up simple.

  7. Pee immediately after sex: Don’t hold your pee because it will allow any bacteria circulating in the bladder to establish an infection. Go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the need and be sure to empty your bladder completely as it will flush bacteria and other microbes out of the urinary.

  8. Clean hair DOWN THERE: The reason men have pubic hair may seem obsolete, but it is believed for the following reasons:

  1. Guards against bacteria and other pathogens

  2. Keeps genitals warm

  3. Reduces friction during sex

  4. Signs of sexual maturity

Dry Shaving: You can trim pubic hair with a trimmer or it can be done using scissors much like how you would remove a big bushy beard from your face. You have to careful though as you would not go straight for the razor as the longer hair tend to get caught.

Wet Shaving: Use a sensitive shaving gel for a particularly sensitive region like NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Gel, and apply this to your upper pubic region and your testicles. Don’t forget to use an aftershave like NIVEA MEN Post Shave Balm to soothe your shaved genital region and to offer long-lasting hydration.

intimate Hygiene

Shaving tips

  1. Always disinfect your razor or blades before use

  2. Dampen hair to soften & make them easier to cut

  3. Use shaving cream, gel, or moisturizer with natural ingredients to prevent irritation

  4. Use aftershave to minimize post-shave irritation

  5. Avoid applying cream or gel near your penis

  6. Change your blades often

  7. Don’t shave again until the hairs grow back for a few weeks

  8. Using clean & good quality trimmer

Waxing: Yes, wet and dry intimate shaving aren’t the only ways men use to get rid of pubic hair. If you choose to wax, make sure to choose a professional who uses safe methods. See customer reviews and any ratings by health organizations to be completely sure.

Here’s an overview of the other best ways to remove pubic hair:

  1. Brazilian waxing

  2. Epilating

  3. Sugaring

  4. Hair-removal creams (consult your doctor before using them)

Note: All these methods aren’t meant for everyone as it depends on the various skin types. 

Always care for your partner and check each other out

Intimate partners can care for each other by checking if there is something unusual they observed or any signs of infections or other sexual health problems. At times, partners are the ones who first find lumps and bumps that need attention from a medical professional. For both men & women, it is important to note if there is any redness, lumps, blisters, or warts on their partner’s skin.  Men should always check their testicles frequently for lumps or swellings during a shower that they didn’t notice before as it can be a sign of testicle cancer.

In addition, you must consult your doctor if you notice any discomfort that is abnormal or unusual and continues after more sexual intercourse to help you diagnose any problems that may exist.

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