7 Cleanliness Hacks To Make Everything Not Just Clean, Monica Clean!

 Here are some Cleanliness Hacks to make your mess ‘Monica clean’.

FRIENDS is one of everyone’s favourite TV series. However, each and every character had some of its unique characteristics but who can forget the cleanliness obsessed Monica.H er obsession with ‘everything has to be perfect, sometimes pissed off her friends but gave us major Cleanliness Hacks to make everything not just clean, but ‘Monica clean’.

Moreover, we believe that there is no harm in being a little cleanliness freak. It is okay to keep your things well organized and tidy.

Therefore, we are here, taking some Cleanliness Hacks from Monica Geller to make our house and life ‘Monica clean’.

1. She categorizes towels! 

This is one of the Monica’s Cleanliness Hacks to which you can relate. In your houses too, mommies categorize towels for home use and some are specifically for guests.

Yes, you may not have 11 categories like Monica, Everyday use, Fancy, Guest, Fancy guest but definitely, two or three.

Joey spotted the correct number of towels. However, it left us wondering what could be the remaining seven. Comment if you can guess any.

2. She vacuums the vacuum cleaner with a smaller cleaner 

Season 10 GIF by Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you think you are done with the cleaning by organizing and dusting your messy apartment, then maybe you are not. Because as per the rulebook of Monica’s Cleanliness Hacks, you have to keep cleaning supplements neat too.

3.  Even Ribbons had a place

Even the thought of messy ribbons can give Monica nightmares. This proves that she is a highly organized person and wants everything to have a proper place. In addition, as our mother says you can find your things easily.

Do you also like things to be in the proper place?

4. The secret cleaning solution 

Do you also have your cleaning solution? If yes, then congratulations! You are heading towards Monica clean. Monica concocted a creation made of two parts ammonia and lemon juice. And one more ingredient but Monica kept it secret for the entire series.

Why Monica, Why?

5. No crummies on the bed!

Remember Phoebe came over to live with Monica and Chandelier. We all know that Mon loves to host. But this is not comfortable for her guests every time. Monica tries to act warm and sweet with her old Rommie Phoebe, however even she cannot break the ground rules, which are No crummies on the bed.

This may be frustrating for carefree Phoebe but Monica makes sense here. It is scientifically proven that Eating in bed can disrupt your sleep routine. A bed is a place to sleep for you and not for bacteria.

Eating on the bed can make it a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria. They may also attract unwanted guests like cockroaches or ants.

Therefore, as per Monica’s clean rules, No munching on the bed.

6. The duvet tag should be at the bottom right corner

There are plenty of reports that say ‘Making your own bed in the morning is a good way to start a day. However, we do not suggest you overdo it just like Monika, where the duvet tag should not be at the top left corner. It should be at the bottom right corner. But you can definitely position everything on the bed.

And most importantly, do not forget to put the duvet tag on the bottom right corner.

7. Even Monica has messy secrets!

We all know Monn as a control freak, cleanliness-obsessed person. But who knows even Monica Geller has some messy secrets until it was debunked by Chandler in season 8. Monica has a secret closet, which she used to hide all the messy stuff. This came out as a shock for everybody.

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Therefore, if you also have a messy die, then it is absolutely okay. Even Monica has some messy secrets. You can also keep a space to dump all your mess.

Which Cleanliness Hacks from Monika you are picking?

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