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Drop Dead Gorgeous Winter Outfits inspired by Rachel Green that you must try!

Winter Outfits Inspired by Rachel Green that should make way to your closet!

When it comes to Fashion, Rachel Green from Friends remains our favourite icon. The way she carried herself is still an inspiration for many. Since its winter season already, we have compiled a list of drop dead gorgeous winter outfits inspired by Rachel Green that you can wear in the office, casual meet ups or even for a date! Without any further delay, let’s jump onto the list.


Pleated skirt & tall boots- the one with Princess Consuela

Winter Outfits inspired by Rachel Green

In the first five seasons of the show, Rachel’s style was defined by her fun casual pieces. However, later in the season, her career took a fashionable turn as she started working in the fashion industry. When Rachel announces that she got a job in Paris, her pals were surprised. However, our eyes were stuck on her incredible outfit. She was wearing a pleated miniskirt with a sleek black turtleneck tucked in. She paired it with tall black leather boots with a stiletto heel to finish the look. No surprise why Louis Vuitton wants Rachel!

Gray fitted dress – the one with the videotapeWinter Outfits inspired by Rachel Green

This was not Ross and Rachel’s finest moment when they were attempting to explain to their friends that they are having a baby together and it turned into a debate that came into who or whom. Here also Rachel managed to choose a mature and sleek outfit. She wore a gray printed suit dress while sharing the tape of her embarrassing act.

Plaid skirt & knee socks – the one where the monkey gets away

When Rachel was watching Ross’s monkey Marcel, she chose a pretty bomb-babysitting outfit. She opted for a short plaid skirt again with plaid, a cropped mock neck sweater, and knee socks. It was a knockout outfit and her simple hairdo puts the focus squarely on her clothes. The stockings add an extra element of youthful fun to the outfit. But the entire thing is totally enviable.

Layered button-up dress- the one with the stoned guy

All the way back in season one, Rachel had already nailed down her personal style. In the episode, the one with the stoned guy, Rachel wore a casual outfit that showed off her sartorial edge. The long button-down dress had a silhouette that pretty much screams the 90s but also feels relevant today. As the long sleeve shirt underneath adds some visual interest to the ensemble.

Top off your skirt with a blazer- The One with the Dollhouse

In this episode, Ross and Rachel were stuck in that awkward avoiding but not avoiding zone. However, life goes on and so does work life.  It is office time and you are still stuck in ‘what to wear’ mode. Then Fikar not! Because Rachel’s winter wardrobe will perfectly style you for 9-5. With a structured gray blazer, a versatile black mini skirt can be dressed down and feel polished. In addition, it will take you from the office to the bar seamlessly.

Winter Fashion Hacks: Dress up like a pro this winter season!

The Monochromatic suiting

Staying monochromatic throughout your entire outfit is one way to ensure your look feels upscale and fashion-forward. Rachel Green proved this as she pulled off this all-white pencil skirt pairing it with a suit jacket. She also wore a white turtleneck top underneath and kept her hairstyle simple. Do not forget to carry a matching handbag to complete the look.

Considering how trends have come around again, every single item in this outfit would work today. Moreover, even when you paired it all together you would look stylish.

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