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India gets maximum Spam calls: Are you also tired, here is how to tackle it?

 India gets maximum Spam calls, Country Ranked 4th most spammed nation of the world, people share ways to tackle spam calls! 


  • What happens if you answer a spam risk called?
  • Do you get hacked if you answer a spam caller?
  • What should you do if you answer yes to a phone scammer?
  • What to do if a scammer calls you?
  • Tips To Tackle

We all receive spam calls that are quite annoying. They are often illegal and cost consumers a million.  Apply for credit cards, WhatsApp lottery, KYC spam, mobile recharge reminders, telemarketers, insurance, and what not. We literally rush to pick these calls and later find out that it was a spam call. However, calling at an inopportune time is not funny, yaar!

According to a report released by True caller in December, India has seen an exponential rise in spam calling in 2021 and was ranked at the 4h spot in the list of most spammed countries. The caller identification service also shares that over 20.2 crore spam calls were made by just one spammer in India last year, which means 6 lakh 64 thousand calls on a daily basis.

Spam calls
Spam calls

What happens if you answer a spam risk call? 

If you answer any call that says, ‘spam risk’, ‘fraud risk’, ‘possible scam’, or any other variations on the caller ID tag, we highly recommend letting it go to the voice mail. The call is likely a rob call, or a spammer and attempts to phish your information via number spoofing.

Do you get hacked if you answer a spam caller?

Answering a call will do absolutely nothing, apart from the usual things where you can hear the person on the other side. Unless you install an application that they ask for, give it permission and full access to your phone, there is no point where you will be hacked. It is very unlikely to be hacked that way.

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What should you do if you answer yes to a phone scammer? 

If you are scared that you may have answered with a yes, it does not necessarily mean that you will be scammed or hacked. But, pay attention to old charges on phone bills, credit cards, bank statements, and disputes.

What to do if a scammer calls you?

Do not reveal personal details. Never spill out personal or financial information such as your PIN or bank account details over the phone. Do not fall for it even if the caller claims to be from your bank.

  • Hang up
  • Ring the organization
  • And do not be rushed.

The people who are new to technology, especially the elderly are the most prominent victims of these scammers and spammers.

However, some people share their innovative way to deal with spammers and spam calls. Let us take some tips.

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Tips To Tackle

Spam calls
Spam calls
  1. I have my “auto” respond texts with various responses from “I’m driving, please leave a message”to “Please send money, lots and lots of money”… If I click one of those, and hear an immediate “ding” in a response text, I know it was a robot.
  2. If there is no caller ID , I recognize, my next favourite answer is, “Crime Scene”, “Hello, who is calling?” then “Who were you calling for… “… then “what is your business with Mr. _______?” If they answer instead of hanging up, then you reveal “… sir this is Officer XXX investigating this crime scene. Mr. ______ has been murdered, we now have this number, and your call is important. We have already hooked into your call center, so it is no use hanging up. If you do hang up it implicates you as an accessory to this murder. . . “and so forth.
  3. I hang up the call immediately and call the concerned authority. For example, if they call and say I am calling from your bank.

If you are also a victim of spam calls, comment down below. How do you tackle spammers? Do not forget to share some tips with us.

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