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April fool’s Day: Don’t be a Fool, Read the story behind it!

 Why April fool’s Day celebrated and how did it come into existence? Get your facts right! 


  • How did April fool’s Day come into existence?
  • How do different countries celebrate this day in different ways?
  • April fool’s Wishes & messages

April fool’s Day or All Fools Day is the one day of the year when you are allowed to crack jokes on your friends , family, and co-workers without thinking twice. But how exactly did this day come into existence?   How does the celebration of April fool’s day begin?

Let us know here.

How did April fool’s Day come into existence?

The reference to April fool’s Day was found as early as the 1500s, but these accounts are infrequent and not very detailed. Most popular theories are that it began in  around 1580. In France, during the calendar reformation before France adopted the Gregorian calendar. They celebrated New Year’s for 8 days, starting on March 25 and ending on April 1. When they switched calendar systems, the 8th day moved from April 1 to January 1. Because they did not have internet, phones, social media, and a mail system, many people did not hear about this change, so they continued celebrating New Year’s in April. This refused to mark it out of rebellion.

Then, whoever got to know about the change in dates, used to make fun of those uninformed or rebellious. This harassment evolved into a tradition of playing a prank on April 1. Then spread to other countries. However, April fool’s Day was already established in England, which did not switch calendar systems until 1752. In addition, people were already engaging in pranks and lightheartedness. Around this time of year, long before the French changed their calendar systems, such as in the case of the ancient Roman festival Hilaria.

How do different countries celebrate this day in different ways?

Modern celebrations of April fool’s Day have slightly different traditions depending on your country. However, they all have a similar theme of pranking or humiliating individuals in France. They try to tape an image of a fish to your back without you noticing.

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In Portugal, they throw flour at you

In England, you are only supposed to pull jokes until noon. You were called an April fool if you could pull off the prank until afternoon.

In the United States, Britain, even popular media outlets, and companies have been known to get involved in the fun.

In 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had purchased the Liberty Bell from the city of Philadelphia and was going to rename it Otago liberty bell.

In 1992, NPR claimed that Richard Nixon would be running again.

For a president, British publication The Guardian famously pranked the public in 1977 when they said that a semi-colon shaved island in the Indian Ocean had been discovered. This hoax is credited for launching the trend of April fool’s Day pranks by British tabloids.

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Now you may be curious to know how India celebrates it? Well, there is not any particular way to do so. Here people can go to the extreme level of madness. However, we suggest some light-hearted pranks you can try with your prey. Check out some ideas here.

April fool’s Wishes & messages

“Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you because you are the one who always makes us laugh with your no sense jokes.”

“For those who say that they can never cry. Let me throw a stone at your face, and we will see. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

This flower is a flower, a flower, good flower, way flower, to flower, keep the flower, a flower, idiot flower, busy flower, for flower, 20 flowers, second flower !… Now read it without the word flower. HAHAHA

“Scientists have finally been able to spot the difference between a man and a monkey… Man sends messages and monkeys read messages… Have a wonderfool Fool’s Day.”

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