Pavitra Rishta Season 2 Review: 5 Honest Reasons to pick it for this weekend!

Pavitra Rishta Season 2 Review: Manav and Archana are back and their crackling chemistry is winning our hearts!


  • Web Series Pavitra Rishta Season 2
  • Honest Performances by Supporting cast will win your heart
  • Predictable Story but Powerful Performances
  • Available on Alt Balaji/Zee5

Pavitra Rishta Season 2 Review: Well, Well, January is almost over!  Can’t believe it, right? Things are more or less the same as we are still working from home, our travel plans are on hold and watching films in theaters is like a dream to us. But wait! It’s not that bad as content on OTT is leaving no stone unturned to keep us entertained. Series like Kali Kali Ankhein and Bhaukaal garnered a lot of love from the Indian audience. If you are thinking about what to watch this weekend, then Pavitra Rishta Season 2 should be your first pick.

If you are thinking, is it even worth your time? Scroll down the article and read 5 good reasons to pick it for this weekend.

The last season introduced us to Archana ( Ankita Lokhande) and Manav ( Shaheer Sheikh), whose parents are looking for a suitable match for each other. They meet and get married but their destiny had different plans. Making peace with the fact that they are not destined for each other, Manav and Archana move on in life.  In that latest season, Manav and Archana are in the same college. Their feelings for each other are still strong but they pretend to move one. Will they reunite? Well, this is what this season has in store for the viewers.

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Let us take a look at 5 reasons why should pick it for this weekend:

1.Highlight of the show remains the crackling chemistry of our newly bride Ankita Lokhande and Shaheer Sheikh. Their mature and honest performances will win your heart. Ankita delivered a lot through her body language and looked ethereal in her subtle make up and overall look.

2. You will love the camaraderie between Rajveer aka Vivek Dahiya and Archana. The way he supports her and celebrates her achievements is surely unmissable.

3. The show is crisp as every episode is not more than 20 minutes so do not feel it getting stretched. We all love to watch small and crispy content, right?

4. Vivek Dahiya is the surprise factor of the show and effortless performance will leave you impressed. He gave an emotionally powerful performance. Also, we have to mention about Asheema Vardhan who is very good as Akansha. Notably, Akansha and Manav are now married as she was pregnant with Sachin’s child ( Manav’s younger brother).

5. You can watch it if you are Shaheer and Ankita’s fan. Last but not least, the background music of the show hits you differently. There is something magical about it.

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Created by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Nandita Mehra, the eight episode series will restore your faith in destiny and love. People who are meant to be together will always find a way to each other. Manav and Archana’s love story is something that fans will cherish forever. This time writers have created a predictable yet an engaging story. We rate it 3 stars and recommend you to watch it this weekend.

Before you start watching it, let us give you a spoiler – Usha Nadkarni steals the show in the climax and you will definitely appreciate it. In a nutshell, we can say the sincere performances of Shaheer Sheikh and Ankita Lokhande are just as endearing as the first. If you believe in love and in the philosophy that matches are made in heaven, then this series will not disappoint you.

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