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Kamasutra Expert Seema Anand talks about Female Orgasm, here is why everyone should hear it out!

Is there any Secret to Female Orgasm, let us find out in this article


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Part of living a full and content life is to have healthy sex life – which includes orgasm! There are many health benefits of experiencing orgasm but female orgasm is often treated like a mystery. As per American Psychological Association, an orgasm is when a person reaches peak pleasure.  When it comes to female orgasm, 25 percent of women struggle to have orgasm and there could be many reasons behind it.

Recently, Seema Anand, the Kamasutra expert, talked about Female Orgasm and revealed that there is no secret to female orgasm. There is no specific way for a woman to experience orgasm. According to Kama Sutra, women have 24 G- Spots inside the Vagina. Yes! You heard it right. And each one of them has a slightly different feeling to it. For example, one might make you feel passionate, another might make you feel chilled out. To simply put, there is no set formula to female orgasm and you can go as far as you want.

Well, biologically getting man to orgasm is as simple as eating a sandwich, and it takes less work. On the other hand, when it comes to women, it is challenging but one needs to remember that it differs from woman to woman.  According to research, orgasm achieved through stimulation of vagina is often described as “Deeper” and more intense.

Female Orgasm is divided into four phases:

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. Orgasm
  4. Resolution

Excitement – It is called arousal state when the body gets ready for the sex. There is an increase of certain hormones, blood begins to engorge in your sexual organs and one may experience blush in the entire body.

Plateau – This is the second phase and sexual tension builds up even more. One may not think of anything else.  In this, an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure rises.

Orgasm – In this, a woman experiences orgasm, the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically.

Resolution  -The final stage is called resolution. After Orgasm, the body relaxes, heart rate , blood pressure, and breathing slow down to a more rapid rate.

What happens during Orgasm?

During an orgasm, humans experience intense feelings of pleasure in the genitals and throughout the body. People often feel sleepy and relaxed after it but it can be different for each individual.  During an orgasm, endorphins are released – that are basically the happy hormones.

What do females experience during orgasm?

For females, the muscles in the vagina and anus may contract roughly once per second, for around five to eight times. During an orgasm, heart and breathing rates increase. Notably, the vagina might get wet, and it may even ejaculate this fluid. According to research, the percentage who ejaculate can range from 10- 70 percent. Notably, research suggests that female orgasm may last for 20- 35 seconds.

Female Orgasm
Female Orgasm

Health Benefits for Orgasm that we must know

Well, there are enormous health benefits of having a healthy and active sex life. When it comes to orgasms, experts believe that it can promote sound sleep and can even regulate anxiety. A research from 2019, finds that orgasms can promote sound sleep.

Orgasms can promote:

Regulating Anxiety

Reducing the risk of heart disease

Reducing the risk of cancer, such as ovarian cancer.


Orgasm might be different for different women and there is no secret to female orgasm. According to Kama Sutra, women have 24 G- Spots inside the Vagina. Yes! You heard it right. And each one of them has a slightly different feeling to it. Yes, orgasm is an important part of sex life but it is only the way to experience pleasure. Happy couples have reported that frequent kissing and cuddling, higher sexual functioning, and more frequent sex often lead to pleasure.

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