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Ramgarh News: Nurturing Tomorrow Ramgarh Police’s Inspiring Moral Classes

Ramgarh news police's heartfelt initiative, sparked by a recent incident, instills values in students, fostering a responsible and aware community. Together, they navigate challenges, building a brighter future

Ramgarh News: Superintendent Piyush Pandey leads a transformative initiative after a distressing incident, guiding students towards compassion and success

Ramgarh news, a heartwarming effort to empower and guide the young minds of Ramgarh, Superintendent of Police Piyush Pandey has spearheaded a unique initiative. Recognizing the pivotal role today’s students play in shaping the nation’s future, the Ramgarh District Police have directed all police stations to conduct special classes in schools.

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This compassionate endeavor comes on the heels of a distressing incident at RB Plus Two High School, where 12 students, including girls, fell victim to an eve-teasing attack. Responding swiftly, the police filed a formal complaint for ten of the affected students.

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Officer Inspires Values

During these special classes, Officer Hari Nandan Singh from Rajrappa police station passionately spent nearly fifty minutes engaging with students at RB High School. He shared invaluable insights, emphasizing the importance of good manners, compassion, and cooperation for a successful life, echoing the high expectations their parents hold for them.

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The initiative has garnered support from various quarters, with Mukhiya Kuldip Singh of Sewai North panchayat expressing appreciation. He believes that such initiatives are precisely what the community needs, steering students toward a positive and informed path. This thoughtful initiative aims to equip the young generation with knowledge about laws and acts, safeguarding them from potential troubles and fostering a community of responsible and aware citizens.

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