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Delhi Man Impersonating Police Official Nabbed

A 61-year-old Delhi man, posing as police officer RK Sharma, was arrested for extorting money; investigation reveals shocking impersonation and deceit. Legal action is underway.

Delhi Man Lakshmi Narayan Sharma Extorts Money, Poses as RK Sharma; Arrested After Brave Complaint Unveils Deceptive Scheme

In a startling incident a 61-year-old Delhi man, Lakshmi Narayan Sharma, found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was arrested for impersonating a Delhi Police officer. Shockingly, Sharma, a caterer by profession, allegedly exploited people’s trust by posing as an additional station house officer named RK Sharma. The deception came to light when Suraj Singh bravely filed a complaint at Sagarpur police station, recounting how Sharma extorted Rs 5000 from him and demanded a further Rs 1.5 lakh under the guise of resolving a criminal case involving Singh.

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Escape Attempt Raises Suspicions

Prompted by the complaint, an investigation ensued, leading to Sharma’s arrest after scrutiny of CCTV footage. The police not only apprehended him but also recovered a police uniform and a nameplate from him. Sharma’s attempt to escape when asked for identification raised suspicions. 

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During questioning, he admitted to resorting to extortion as a means of making quick money. The accused now faces charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, and legal proceedings are progressing to address this disconcerting case of deception and fraud.

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