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Our Earth is currently facing a lot of serious environmental concerns. The concerns like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and many more affect every human being, animal and native on this planet. Since we share everything on Earth with every living thing on the planet what happens in one area affects everything too, no matter how far away.

Global warming, a big concern since decades, was legitimised by AL Gore with his controversial movie- An Unconventional Truth.

Pollution in our environment has negative effects on the eco system we rely on. There are multifarious kinds of pollution but the most important ones effecting human beings is air and water. Most of it is caused BY US and we will and are suffering  the consequences if we don’t stop.



When fossil fuels are burnt a variety of chemicals are released into the atmosphere which directly impact our health in the form of diseases.

The toxic chemical released in the air settle on plants and water resources. Animals eat these contaminated plants and drink the water and the poison travels upto the food chain –to us. Water pollution effects are similar to air pollution and is related to our survival. It is well known that the industrialised world simply consumes in a way that is not sustainable and the developing world is imitating the model.

However the world has now becomes serious about addressing this situation and owning the fact and responsibility. The way we live now is borrowing against the future.  Reducing consumption and smart consumption are both necessary.  A small effort by all can start a ripple effect and lead to saving the remaining resources.Some methods are pure geek,some  hi tech, some  sheer COMMON SENSE…once we all start exploring it is actually fun….

As of now the situation is alarming !

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