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Alone VS Lonely: Signs & Difference that you should know

Alone VS Lonely: 40 per cent of people experience loneliness at some point in their life

These two words are often misunderstood. Our society assumes if a person is alone he or she must be lonely. Both the words look alike, but they are very separate when it comes to their real meaning. Let us understand Alone VS Lonely and try to figure out major differences. On one hand, loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation, lack of something, there is a negative vibe all around.  On the other hand, alone means being in solitude – without feeling lonely and absolutely enjoying your own company.

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People who are alone are not necessary Lonely

There is a common notion that a person living alone is necessarily lonely. But that’s not the case.  A lot of people choose to live alone and independently and absolutely enjoy their life. Loneliness can feel like an estrangement from others, somehow highlighting a deficiency in your ability to couple up with others. It is a feeling of sadness. It is time to change the narrative and move into a new understanding of solitude being a necessary time spent on your self-growth. It helps you to reconnect with yourself. Let’s cultivate the art of being alone, but not lonely.

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(Loneliness can take a toll on your mental health)

You can be Lonely even if you are alone

It is one of the most important differences that we need to understand. As per doctor Dr Eglantine Julle-Daniere – Being alone is the physical state of not being with someone be it an animal or a  human being. On the other hand, loneliness is triggered by the feeling of isolation and it is a psychological state of an individual. Is it possible to be lonely even if you are not alone? Yes, it is possible. You can be surrounded by many people and can still feel lonely. In other words, it is when the social contacts you have is not fulfilling you.

“A lot of studies have shown that Loneliness is a Public Health Crisis, as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.“

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(Me time brings pleasure)

Are there any ways to get rid of the feeling of Loneliness?

First and foremost, it is important to normalize this concept. Feeling lonely at some point of time in life is completely normal. According to a report, 40 per cent of people experience loneliness at some point of time in their life. In fact, people who appear connected can also feel isolated.  Just in case if you think only single people can feel lonely, then to upgrade your knowledge, researches have shown 60 per cent of lonely people are married. Well, there are different ways to deal with it because loneliness can be subjective.

Here a few ways experts have suggested that can help you to cope up with the feeling of loneliness.

1. Nurture your existing relationship:  A lot of times, the feeling of loneliness pull us away from our relationships. By nurturing the relationships you already have, you put yourself on the path of overcoming loneliness. Once you start nurturing them, you will find happiness and joy in them.  Be it your children, spouse, parents or even your pets.

2. Give yourself positive talks: You might be thinking how is negative thoughts and loneliness connected? Well, both of them go hand in hand. A negative self -talk such as I hate my life, nobody wants to spend time with me, you only add on to your loneliness. Instead of negative thoughts and talk, you can give yourself positive self-talk and think of all the good things about your life.

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(The power is in you)

The Power Lies Within you

Do not forget that the power lies within you. It is time to shift your focus from being lonely to alone. If you try to enjoy your company and try to focus on replenishing yourself, the feeling of loneliness can fade away.  Take your alone time as an opportunity to connect with your inner self. Try to connect with people you trust. Find joy and happiness in small things such as watering plants or helping an elderly person.

Note: You can always reach out to professional for help! There are many verified therapist who can help you to cope with loneliness.

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