Jealous of others’ success? Know why and how you can overcome jealousy and how to stop being jealous of others’ success 

Understanding the reasons for jealousy and the best ways to overcome it.

Jealousy is a feeling that is there in most people and a vast majority will therefore be able to relate to it. There are also times when jealousy happens without much purpose and intent. It is quite obvious that no one wants to get up in the morning and spend the entire day hating the success of others. Jealousy is a poison that affects the individuals who experience it. Unfortunately, this feeling also has a negative effect on the person who is the target of this “green-eyed monster.”

There are also a number of instances where individuals are jealous in a particular relationship and they try to romanticize it. They say that it is a way of letting their partner know how much they love them. But with jealousy comes doubts and it sure is the first step that finally leads to the end of a relationship. There are also certain extreme cases of jealousy where individuals act rashly at the spur of the moment and that finally leads to disastrous results.

Social media today is often regarded as the catalyst that acts as the main reason for jealousy. But social media also has a number of benefits, and so instead of looking at it as a catalyst that leads to jealousy, you can also regard it as a great platform that allows an individual to notice the early signs of jealousy in him or her. Jealousy can also be quite a valuable emotion if it is channelled in the right way.

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In order to stop being jealous, one can follow the steps given below:

1. Often individuals are jealous of their friend’s success. If a person is able to shift the focus to the good things that are happening to him in his life, he or she will be able to overcome this feeling of jealousy to a great extent. One of the most important reasons to feel jealous is the fact that they have taken a lot of things in their lives for granted.  Counting these blessings again will help an individual understand that he is blessed, talented and is also cared for. His life is unique and it is too valuable to be like everyone else’s. There are a number of reasons that will make one feel grateful about life.

2. Another thing that can be done to combat jealousy is to remind yourself that nobody has everything. An individual is sure to come across people having more than him and so being unhappy about the success of others is absolutely pointless. Each person experiences and will experience problems, trials and weaknesses. This is what makes them human. Nobody is exempt from this and nobody has it all.

3. Avoid those people who have a habit of always valuing the wrong things. If one compares himself with people who follow the latest fashions, talking and comparing other people’s vacations and about the extravagant vacations that others are spending, then one is sure to feel hopeless and jealous of the other’s achievements.

4. It is also a good idea to spend with people who have a grateful attitude. Gratitude is very contagious and if you spend time with people who are happy and content in their lives, you can certainly spend quality time with them. If an individual spends more time with such people, then their spirit will also become theirs.

5. It is important to understand that the most important tool that the advertisers tend to use is the culture of the country and fostering jealousy and envy among them. This is because, if they are able to drive the jealousy factor in an individual, then they will also be able to cause the reckless desire of possessing it. It is important to guard one’s self with such tactics. Recognizing them, avoiding them and finally succumbing to the deception is extremely important.

6. One should be able to celebrate the success of others. It is also important to genuinely and practically rejoice in the happiness of others. If someone gets something that you have been waiting for, make sure that you feel happy for them. Understand the fact that if you wanted it, they also equally wanted it. Stop looking at others as your competition. Joy is not something that is finite. So even if you feel happy for others, you will have lots for yourself.

If one follows the steps mentioned above, then he or she will be able to overcome jealousy. Overcoming jealousy will help an individual to stay happy and also feel happy about others’ success. Dealing with jealousy, rather than hiding it is important.

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