India Takes the Lead in 6G Preparations with Task Force Establishment, PM Modi on Independence Day Speech!

Prime Minister Modi's Independence Day speech highlighted India's lead in 6G readiness with a dedicated task force. He emphasized 5G success, empowering women with tech in agriculture, and youth's potential, all driving the nation's tech evolution.

PM Modi Plans India’s 6G Course with Task Force : Youth Potential, Empowerment, and Technological Advances

On Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the quick adoption of 5G technology in the nation and stated that a task force has been established to prepare India for 6G.

While giving his Independence Day speech, PM Modi said, ‘Our country is the fastest country to roll out 5G. We have reached more than 700 districts and now we are getting ready for 6G. We have formed a task force.Technology is going to change the world, and even developed countries are willing to learn from Digital India’s success.’

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He added ,‘The government is developing a new programme to advance technology in the agricultural industry, as part of which thousands of self-help group women will receive training and drones.

I see that our rural women have a lot of potential in science and technology. As a result, we are considering a fresh plan to modernize the agricultural industry.

Agriculture, Youth and 6G 

He further said, ‘The agricultural sector ought to grow. Therefore, we will provide drone pilot instruction and drone repair training to the women’s self-help organizations. Drones and training will be made available to thousands of these women’s self-help organizations. With 15,000 women SHG, we’re going to launch drone flights.’

He claimed that the nation’s youth have tremendous potential and that the government is developing programmes to give them a wealth of chances.

“Today’s youth have ranked India’s startup ecosystem in the top three worldwide. The capacity and strength of India amaze the world’s youth, PM Modi said.

He said that technology is being used by the government to combat corruption.

“Today, every village has access to the internet. The country of India is preparing for quantum computers. Today, farmer producer organisations are being established, and we’ll soon start producing semiconductors”, said PM Modi.

According to the Prime Minister, internet data was quite expensive before 2014, but now it is the least expensive, saving every family money.

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