Nadella Joins Zuckerberg’s Threads

Satya Nadella joins Zuckerberg's Threads, announcing collaboration with Meta on the Llama 2 project in his first post. Other CEOs are also active on the platform.

Satya Nadella Joins Zuckerberg’s Threads: Microsoft CEO’s Inaugural Post Highlights Collaboration with Meta on Llama 2 Project

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella Joins Zuckerberg’s Threads, Meta’s new ‘Twitter-killer’ platform, following other prominent tech industry figures. The platform was recently launched by Meta earlier this month.

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Nadella’s inaugural Threads post

In his first post on Threads, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the collaboration between Microsoft and Meta on the Llama 2 project, the upcoming iteration of Meta’s open-source large language model (LLM) led by Mark Zuckerberg. Nadella expressed excitement about the partnership, aiming to bring Meta’s Llama family of large language models to Microsoft Azure. 

The move aligns with Microsoft’s vision of becoming the preferred cloud provider for both cutting-edge and open models. Nadella’s announcement linked to an official Microsoft blog post formally introducing the joint venture between the two tech giants.

He has gained nearly 7000 followers already.

Slow down? What slow down?

Nadella’s presence on Threads coincides with reports of Zuckerberg’s apparent disillusionment with the social network. Despite an impressive start with over 100 million sign-ups in five days, Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for the app seems to have waned.

Other CEOs on Threads

Mint, a sister website of HT, reports that CEOs like Sundar Pichai of Google, Andy Jassy of Amazon, Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) are active on Threads. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has not joined the platform yet.

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