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Student Suicides Prompt 2-Month Test Ban in Kota Coaching Institutes

Two student suicides in Kota due to low scores prompted a two-month ban on coaching institute tests for mental well-being.

Two student suicides in Kota due to low test scores. Authorities halt tests in coaching institutes for two months.

Within a span of five hours, two student suicides occurred in Kota, Rajasthan, both allegedly prompted by receiving low scores in their tests. These tragic events have led to immediate actions being taken by local authorities.

The first incident involved Aavishkar Sambhaji Kasle, a 16-year-old student from Maharashtra, who died by suicide by jumping from a sixth-floor coaching institute in Kota at approximately 3 pm. Kasle had been residing in Kota for three years and was preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). He had appeared for a test at the coaching center earlier on that day.

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The second incident featured an 18-year-old student named Adarsh from Bihar. He was found hanging in his room around 7 pm in Kota’s Kunhadi area. Adarsh had been living in Kota for four months, also preparing for NEET. Following a test at the coaching institute, Adarsh was reportedly grappling with consistently low test scores.

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These events underline the significant academic pressure students endure while preparing for competitive exams such as NEET. Despite guidelines issued by Kota Collector OP Bunkar on August 12, instructing coaching institutes not to conduct tests on Sundays, the unfortunate incidents unfolded after tests were held on a Sunday.

In response to these distressing occurrences, Kota Collector Bunkar issued fresh orders prohibiting coaching institutes from holding tests for students over the next two months. This measure intends to offer students a reprieve from the intense exam-centric environment, prioritizing their mental well-being.

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These suicides have sparked concerns regarding students’ mental health and the pressure they face in their pursuit of academic excellence. The tragic incidents emphasize the necessity of furnishing students with adequate emotional support and resources during their exam preparation phase. They also bring attention to the broader issue of academic stress within educational systems.

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