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5 Common Civil Rights Violations You Need A Skilled Attorney For

In a society progressing towards equality, instances of civil rights violations persist. From religious discrimination to racial profiling and workplace harassment, these infringements demand legal intervention.

Protecting Your Rights: 5 Common Civil Rights Violations Requiring Legal Support

Although as a community we’re moving past the old systems that keep us down and separated, there are times when something is directed at a person just because of who they are. When someone comes at you because of something about you, like the tone of your skin or your cherished religion, this is a violation of your civil rights.

God forbid there’s ever a reason you need to get legal protection. But if you do, you can easily search “civil rights attorney near me” and find a good fit for what you have going on.

These are hands down five civil rights violations you should not battle alone.

1) When Someone Harms You Because of Your Religion

Let’s say your neighbor starts harassing you because you go to church. It starts with a few comments here and there but then escalates to them knocking over and breaking some of your property. In the U.S. we’re allowed to practice whatever religion we want freely.

2) If You Get Attacked Because of Your Skin Tone

Mankind has an uncanny knack for creating ways to discriminate against ourselves, and skin tone has been a target since we can remember. Nowadays it seems like it’s at an all-time high, with race discrimination happening in every race and happening non-stop.

3) Did Someone Just Pinch Your Butt at Work?

When a coworker makes gross sexual advances at you it can destroy your place of work. Often people find they can’t continue to work where the incident happened, even when management “cleans house”. There tends to be an unspoken stigma towards the person who set out the complaint. 

4) Lawmen and Women Can’t Take Away Your Rights

For prosecutors and judges who think they can strip someone of their rights, they can’t. When corruption is rooted in one of our legal systems we need to pull it out like the weed it is.

5) A Police Officer Stopping You For No Reason

One word, profiling. Whether it’s your flashy red car or the color of your skin, a police officer has no right to pull you over because they think you LOOK guilty. You have to be breaking a law for them to pull you over. 

Search Steps: “Civil Rights Attorney Near Me

If you need help in this area, reach out to some lawyers. They’ll meet you for free and tell you what they think about your situation. You can grab out your cell phone and search for “civil rights attorney near me”. This will pull up a list of potential attorneys that are close to you. They can help you if you’re in the position of having to deal with something like this.

Give Me My Civil Rights and Liberties!

Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re protected? If someone acts out against you because of something as simple as you going to church, you have things you can do. The best way to know exactly what rights you have is to find a civil rights attorney near me.

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