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Fake News Alert! Did You Ask For Kisne Feka?

Here are the 4 Foolproof News from our series of Kisne Feka


  • Father Married to daughter!
  • The JNU attack was staged!
  • Yogi ran a bulldozer on Mazaar!
  • Kejriwal promised ₹1000 to Himachali Women!

Many things you read online, especially in your social media feeds, may appear true, but often are not. False information is news, stories, or hoaxes intended to mislead or deceive readers. However, it is our obligation to always ask for Kisne Feka.

Therefore, here are the 4 Foolproof News from our series of Kisne Feka.

Father Married to daughter!

Kisne Feka: A picture of a newlywed couple wearing garlands is going viral on social media. However, the girl caught in the image looks much younger than the man. A father married his real daughter, according to social media users.

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Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. In the Marriage certificate, the name of the girl’s father and her husband’s name was mentioned. It suggests that the claim is not valid. In a report of Gujarat Media dated April 8, 2022, a young woman named Sheetal from Surendra Nagar fell in love with a young man of her father’s age. Dinesh Bhai is from the Botad district in Gujarat. Sheetal’s parents were concerned as her husband is the same age as her father. The parents of Sheetal tried to convince her, but she did not agree to leave Dinesh. Dinesh later married her after she fled home.

The JNU attack was staged!

Kisne Feka: A series of two photos have spread virally across social media after an altercation between the students of JNU and members of the ABVP.

The first photo shows a student wearing a blue Kurti, condoling the girl in a grey top. It appears that the student in the grey top is condoling the girl in blue Kurti in the second photo. Two images purportedly show a staged attack against JNU students.

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Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. Reports identified the student in the grey top, bleeding from the head, as Akhtarista Ansari, a second-year sociology MA student at JNU. The student in the blue Kurti is identified as Madhurima Kundu, who is the Secretary of the AISA JNU unit. The first photo was taken at 8.15 pm on April 10, 2022, as per the EXIF data, and the second photo was taken at 8.21 pm.

 This implies that the photo with Ansari holding Kundu was taken before Ansari’s bleeding incident occurred.  “We were beaten up as the Kaveri hostel had cooked and served meat on Sunday. At around 7.45 pm, the ABVP members rushed inside the mess and first attacked with fists and then with items they could find inside. I was hit on the head and near the eye while Akhtarista Ansari was hit on the head.”

Yogi ran a bulldozer on Mazar! 

Kisne Feka: A set of pictures of a destroyed tomb goes viral on social media. In the viral image, a tomb (Mazar) can be seen being demolished by a bulldozer. The Yogi government is said to have demolished illegal shrines in Govardhan Parikrama Marg in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where these pictures are said to be from.

Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. The viral photo is not recent. Neo News, on November 13, 2018, shared similar footage . According to the reports, due to encroachment and traffic problems around the Govardhan Parikrama margin Mathura, the administration had decided to demolish the tombs. The anti-encroachment drive demolished seven Islamic shrines (Mazars). In addition, five small Hindu temples were destroyed. Those protesting against the demolition of the tomb were also beaten by police.

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 Kejriwal promised ₹1000 to Himachali Women!

Kisne Feka: On social media, a picture of Arvind Kejriwal’s hoarding has gone viral. Social media users are sharing the photos mocking and criticizing Arvind Kejriwal, claiming that the Aam Aadmi Party has promised a monthly payment of Rs 1000 to the ‘mothers and sisters’ of Himachal Pradesh if they form the government.

Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. A news report by NDTV titled “Arvind Kejriwal’s New Look in Thank You Message: Muffler Out, Jacket In” was published on February 14, 2015. Using the same image for its cover, the article explained Arvind Kejriwal’s new look. The report mentioned that AAP revealed a new face of Kejriwal in its new banner showing him wearing a shirt and a khaki jacket. The flag was released when Kejriwal led his party to a historic win in the Delhi elections.

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