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No Meat ban By UP government! Kisne Feka Ye fake news ka bomb?

 Here are the major 3 kisne fake news that went viral this week. Viral Claim that disrupts communal harmony of India!


  • No ban on meat shops by the UP Government!
  • Muslim Youth Grabbed police offer mouth over Karauli violence
  • Muslim Army chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ slogans

With ongoing violence in Rajasthan to ban meat in Uttar Pradesh, Top 3 fake news are taking toll over communal harmony of India. However, we only know Kisne Feka.

Here are the major 3 fake news stories this week.

No ban on meat shops by the UP Government!

Kisne feka: Anita Singh, principal secretary (UP Food and Drug Administration), issued the order to the state government’s food safety officer in Ghaziabad on April 2, ordering meat shop owners and other non-vegetarian eateries to stay shut or else bulldozers will destroy their shops.

Foolproof news: Despite the state government clarifying that meat shops are not to be closed during the ongoing festival Chaitra Navratri (April 2 to 10), several municipalities in UP have banned meat shops during the nine-day festival. Navneet Sehgal, additional chief secretary, information, said the  Uttar Pradesh government  has not ordered meat shops to be closed during the nine-day Navratri festival.

Muslim Youth Grabbed police offer mouth over Karauli violence

Kisne feka: An image of a youth assaulting a police officer goes viral on social media. A man holding a traffic policeman’s jaw can be seen with a fierce expression on his face. According to the viral image, the youth is a Muslim from Rajasthan. This comes after violence erupted in s Karauli, Rajasthan. The stone-pelting incident was witnessed in the Hatwara market during a bike rally taken out by Hindu organizations on Nav Samvatsar (Hindu New Year).

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Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. A report of lion express dated May 28 2016, in which the viral image can be seen. According to the report, the traffic problem increased due to the movement of handcarts in the Ghantaghar (clock tower) area of Jodhpur. The city of Jodhpur had declared Ghantaghar a no-carrying zone by running an encroachment drive. Head constable Shobharam had arrived there with two companions to improve the traffic system in Ghantaghar.

When he ordered the handcart holders who were blocking the way to move away, they became angry and started threatening the police. After that, a person grabbed the police chief constable’s mouth and uttered abusive words. Later, the police officers escaped and left. An assault and obstruction to official work were registered against Dharmendra’s son Premchand Mali. The name itself clarifies that the man did not belong to the Muslim community.

Muslim Army chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ slogans

Kisne feka: An online video of a marching procession has become viral. Some social media users claim that the viral video shows a “Muslim army” marching through Kerala. This video shows a procession of people in military outfits marching to a beat. The people in blue uniforms seem to be carrying a banner with texts on it, and shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ can be heard in the video.

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Foolproof news: The viral claim is false. Unity March and Popular Front of India are terms used in this context. Video taken by the party’s members shows them wearing blue uniforms. The banner reads, “Popular Front of India Unity March.”

The Popular Front of India was founded in February 2007 and is a mass-based organization. It is the parent organization of the Social Democratic Party of India. It has a student outfit, Campus Front of India. In the video, the Popular Front of India celebrates its foundation day on February 17, 2020, by marching.

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