Never Drink Fruit Juice on an Empty Stomach- Know The Reason Here !

The situation of consuming juice on an event of hunger in the morning fails miserably in many ways by causing colitis, indigestion and abdominal pain.

Why you must never drink fruit juice on an empty stomach

The rich nutrients which fruits invariably have, make them touted as ideal for our health. They support it for eating if somebody doesn’t want to be overweight or have health issues.Sometimes, however, it is not right to eat what we are craving. Some people incorporate juice in their diet as they believe that is both nourishing and stimulates them with energy necessary for the body. As the first thing that we eat, it determines our course through the day; hence, we should be wary of the kind of food we are taking. Lastly, drinking juice on an empty stomach is bad for your health as well.

Sugary drinks

Many people consume sweet citrus drinks, but many people often have a fast habit of drinking fruit juice first thing in the morning, which ensures a higher dose of fructose in the body, leading to overwork of your liver and pancreas.Without the exception of the sweet drinks that have high sugar levels, when you drink them just before or when your stomach is empty, the levels of blood sugar in the body escalate. Without a doubt, these are not considered as good for the body.

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Consuming citrus juices

Generally, they consume juices from citrus fruits like orange, tangerine, and grapefruits in the mornings as a habit and that might cause irritation to the stomach because of increased acidity. This can result in complaints which are typical for the patients with gastritis and risk of development of gastritis. Hence, it should be also the one that should be skipped first thing in the morning.

However, empty stomach juice is also a double-edged sword due to its possible negative effects such as nutritional inadequacies, blood sugar swings, and disruptions of beneficial microbes in the gut.

Drawback of empty-stomach juicing-

Dental Erosion:

Fruit juice’s acidity can create harm to the tooth enamel, which makes you at more risk of tooth decay. Dr Patil added, “because of the acids in the fruit juices, the enamel of the teeth becomes weaker and they are more likely to get damaged.”

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster:

The rapid sugar uptake from juice may cause the blood sugar to spike followed by a crash, leaving you lethargic and famished earlier.

Nutrient Imbalance: Fiber that is present only in a whole fruit and responsible for maintaining digestive tract in good condition and prevents sugar spikes is absent in seasonal fruit juice. The idea that fruit juice is the best way to start off a vitamin and antioxidants- galvanizing morning meal may be linked to the fact that generally it is viewed as the best and healthiest drink, but again studies state that the appropriate time to take fruit juice may be in alongside or after eating.

Avoid Drinking Juice Immediately after the Workout

Many people find that citrus juice mixed with water on the empty stomach after a session of yoga or a workout is a start of a good day.However, more often than not, these could have adverse effects be it physical or mental.Therefore, it is advisable to drink juice thirty minutes after the training.

The situation of consuming juice on an event of hunger in the morning fails miserably in many ways by causing colitis, indigestion and abdominal pain. This is because our stomach becomes empty for a longer time between dinner and breakfast.

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