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Whose account is next after Google and Facebook CEO?

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Quora account has been hacked. Pichai account seems to have been cut by the same group of hackers, who recently broke Twitter and Pinterest accounts into Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

According to reports, the hacker group published three man named OurMine several messages on Quora account Pichai. In addition, since the page CEO, born in India Google is linked to your Twitter account, hackers could make known the trick for all his 508,000 followers on the micro blogging platform.


sundar pichai

The tweets have now been deleted. Earlier this month, Twitter and Pinterest OneMine hacked passwords Zuckerberg. The trick originated in violation LinkedIn data in 2012, which had more than 6 million stolen passwords.

It is likely that the leaked data include the ID and account password LinkedIn CEO of Facebook, Zuckerberg and using the same password for your other accounts. The password was “dadada” according to the group of hackers.

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