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Who will replace Raghuram Rajan? 4 are shortlisted!

After long hours of analysis The Government has come with a selected list of already well designated candidates, current RBI deputy governor Urjit Patel, SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya and former deputy governors Rakesh Mohan and Subir Gokarn.

One of the official told, a new Monetary Policy Committee will also be announced soon to soothe the economical process of the country.



Modi’s office conveyed that the governor was expected be in the search committee to appoint 3 external members of a new six-member RBI Monetary Policy Committee.

Indian economy is truly in the recovery mode: says Raghuram Rajan

This move had to be taken urgently and wisely so as to ensure the continuity of policy and faith in Reserve Bank of India after Raghuram Rajan confirmed he is not extending his term anymore and will resign in September.

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