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Best Ways to Increase Student Participation

Benjamin Franklin has said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

Adhering to these nonpareil lines I believe that education should be imparted by involving and improving students’ participation. The journey from cradle to kindergarten is no doubt pleasant. This togetherness creates a ‘Symphony’ that helps both teachers and students to move ceaselessly on the path of success. The participation of the students makes the teaching and learning process simple and hassle-free.


Best Ways to Increase Student Participation

Here are listed some effective ways to increase the participation of students:


1.     The content should not be repetitive-

If the content is repetitive the student will easily lose interest and will lack concentration in their study curriculum. The study material should be interesting and new.


2.     Assess their Knowledge-

Assessment of the knowledge of the students is very helpful in determining what and how to teach. Ask the students some questions regarding the particular topic you are about to teach. K-W-L chart can be a great help for this purpose.


3.     Skills grouping-

You can divide the entire class in groups depending up on their skills and qualities. This exercise will help in identifying areas that should be focused and targeted. Your students will enjoy the lessons and learning will be fun.


4.     Make them teach each other-

Select topics and divide the class in groups. Ask them to teach each other. Assign them some interesting activities such as review writing, design review games, etc.


5.     Simplify the content-

Make sure the content is simple and easy. Complicated and tough assignments are always despised by the students. They minimize their positive involvement.


6.     Anonymous questions-

Put a ‘question box’ where students can easily drop their queries or suggestion cards without revealing their identity. These cards will you in comprehending their problems and issues. This is a novel and effective way to involve the students.


7.     Break large content in small bits-

Another interesting technique is to break large contents or concepts in small sections and involve students in interesting activities. This will definitely improve their involvement, comprehension and will give them a better improvised understanding of the topics.


The students’ participation will make the process of learning an interesting one and will inculcate the unmatched qualities of global understanding, universal values and an insight to judge between right and wrong in order to make right choices in life ahead.

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