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Science is a Blessing


Science is a great blessing to mankind provided the intentions are genuine and productive.


It has completely transformed the lives of human beings from worse to better. Science has served us as a slave in every possible aspect of life. It has been in our practical life ever since man has discovered wheel and fire, it has become an integral part of our life.


Every day we see the progress and advancement of science in various walks of our lives.


Innumerable researches and inventions have been possible with the aid of science.


One of the most useful inventions is that of electricity. The electric fans keep us away from the scorching heat, the electric lamps banish the darkness away from our houses, the refrigerators preserve our food and water filters give us pure and safe water to drink.


Science has brought a new revolution in the fields of communication and transport and has transformed hectic travelling into a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.


Trains roam through towns and cities and man travels with speed and safety. Airplanes take us from one place to another in a short period of time. Steamships and cruise give us the pleasure and excitement of sailing on water.


In the field of medicine, science has brought great inventions, discoveries and has cured some of the so called incurable ailments. it has given us both preventive medicine as well as curative medicine.  This brief account on science vividly reveals that science is a boon to human race.

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